#PAR16 Passive Income Report February 2021

Welcome to March – Goodbye February! When I last wrote my GamePlan for CW8 two weeks ago I was like “Hej, it is running great and smoothly”. And just two days later it hit me from somewhere I wasn’t expecting it. That is a great learning to never ever think you re save 🙂

A colleague of mine was tested positive of Corona and we had to organize a lot. As we are leading the office with a pretty small crew, but had to mainly leave to work from home for security reasons it was challenging to get things organized. But as anytime, we found a way to do it. Today is the last day of quarantine and we will be back healthy tomorrow in the office.

Mastering the monotony

Well, I started working with a methode from Andy Frisella called the Power List. It sounds pretty simple and understandable as you put five things on your Power List every day which will move your life forward. And by working on them every day, your life will move forward.

But to be honest, in reality I was struggeling with it. First I chose too big tasks, which took one to two hours each – per task per day. That was way too much and I had to create smaller pieces. But this again makes me some kind of angry as I am not able to generate the outcome I wished for.

Works great if you need some inspiration about a downwards spiral.

Andy suggests to mark the day with a “L” if you werent able to manage all of your tasks – and a “W” for completing them all. Okay, I lost the first week by 2:5. The next week I was able to win three days, the same as this week.

But hey, another month, another week is coming – but the only thing that counts is to win the day against the monotony fo work!

P2P lending during February

Once again I was invited to moderate a panel at the finfellas event. This time the topic was “Crowdfunding”, which was slightly different from the last times “Real Estate Lending”. There were again CEOs from good known crowdfunding platforms but also guests from official institutions like law firms and crowdfunding associations.

My first panel was about “Opportunities and Risks”, which was great. I was talking with Yelena Zhovnikova from Fundwise  and Atuksha Poonwassie from the UK platform Simple Crowdfunding. The male parts of the panel were Jan Vecerka from BrikkApp and Evaldas Remeikis from NEO Finance.

The second panel I moderated was about the upcoming changes of the Crowdfunding regulation.  A topic which is as sexy as dust, but pretty important for the platforms and investors. The talk was great and also it was pretty late that friday evening, the guests were able to share a lot of value for the viewers.

Ramona Miglāne, who was working with Mintos for several years regarding their regulation, shared her point of view from her todays working place in a law company called drill. From the German Crowdfunding Association Karsten Wenzlaff pointed out, how the new regulations were defined and what this means to platforms and investors. The third valueable guest was Jatin Ondhia from Shojin Property Partners. As UK platforms are already regulated through the FCA he was able to find differences and commons behaviors between those two systems.

P2P figures from February

Overall, it was a great event again and I am very happy being to join it. Now let’s look at the numbers of February:

The overall P2P income this month was around 70 €. That is 4 € less than last month – but with higher investments. How could this happen? Well, there are several reasons for it which I will show you in the following view on each platform in detail.

Investments in February

During February I was able to increase my P2P investments again with about 275 €. That is not what was planned. But as my overall P2P share in my portfolio is moving on the edge I decided to invest more into my ETFs than into P2P lending.

Additionally I decided to invest some more money on the ETF-strategy. Also it feels currently like “wasting” money during those times at the stockmarket, I am looking forward to receive a massive income stream from this money in 10+ years. But let’s get a big deeper on each of the platforms.

Mintos 10k project: current standings 42%

Lars just published a blogpost about his Mintos investment strategy yesterday, which is worth to read. As it is in german, just let Google translate it with one click and you will be able to read it. I adjusted my auto-invest some time ago. I sorted out a lot of loan originators and tried to rely on those with a good history and a good rating.

Therefore the income stream from my investments is quite steady with 41,03 €. About 18% of my investments are currently overdue and/or in recovery. Compared to my last years stats of about 45% this is a alltime low. I am pretty happy with those numbers.

Mintos is one of the platforms I would like to increase to 10k by the end of this year. Currently there is still a long way to go, but compared to Bondora and Twino it is the leading platform.

Bondora 10k project: still increasing and currently at 21%

The performance of Bondora is of course constantly, but the total amount is increasing in my portfolio. Last month I received 9,82 € from my Bondora Go and Grow investments, which is halfway of my first milestone of 25 € per month. The goal here is 4.445 € and I am pretty confident to hit it until the end of June this year.

Grab you 5 € sign up bonus at Bondora here (invest at least 50 €)

As I mentioned in my last report I am still investing savings from anywhere to Bondora. But as I was not able to donate plasma during February and also had to big savings, it was just a small amount I was able to increase the investment here.

Twino 10k project: a long way to go with 5,1%

Twino is the third platform to increase to 10k by the end of this year. Currently my XIRR is here at 8,5%, which will generate me another 70 € per month when I hit my target. At the moment the income stream is much smaller 🙂

Additionally during February my money wasn’t invested as I wished to #nofront. I saved 250 € to Twino but it took a lot of time to get this money invested. This so called cashdrag-problem is pretty usual, when the market is rising and a lot of new investors invest their money. So it is nothing to complain about, but I adjusted my auto-invest a bit to get some 12%-loans.

Grab your 15 € bonus at Twino here (invest at least 100 €)

Viainvest & Bulkestate

There was no payment, no repayment, no interest payment – nothing at Bulkestate during February. That is pretty normal, as the repayment and interest payment usually come by the end of period of their loans. So, no news is good news here 🙂

Grab you 15 € bonus at viainvest here (invest at least 50 €)

Viainvest had the “same problem” as Twino. As I invested some more and additionally had some repayments half of overall investment here lay “cashdrag” during February. Nothing to be scared of, but pretty bad for the interestrate and of course the interest payment. Just 2,28 € were paid, which is a yield of only 7,1%. But that is okay for the moment as I mentioned. This will raise as soon as loans are available again.

Debitum & Robocash

After I was so happy with Debitum last month, I was slapped this month 🙂 Only 1,57 € was paid to my account and a lot more to be overdue. It seems like you win some months and lose some others, but in the end the yield is okay and the interest payments are coming over the time.

At Robocash during February there were only 4,65 € paid. It seems like the “old loans” are repaid after several months and we re getting to the usual numbers again. In March in increased the investment here to 750 € – let’s see what this will do with my interest payments.

Both platforms I want to increase in 2021 to 1.500 €. Their business model looks great and their performance is massive. Also there are big differences in their interest yield both fit into my P2P portfolio quite good.


Meanwhile the first projects paid an interest at Reinvest24. I am invested here mainly in the Moldova-Projects with a yield of 13%+. That does not mean all other projects e.g. in Spain are not interesting, but as I am follow with this investment a fast-generating-cashflow-strategy from my P2P experiment I focused on the quick win.

In February the projects generated a cashflow of 3,62 € which is pretty nice. It is a 11,7% yield compared to my initial investment (until then).

And than there is DoFinance…

Guys, I do not know what to say about it. In February DoFinance held a webinar about their current situation. As I mentioned before I wrote with their contact before and was told anything will be alright within some weeks. Their webinar from 12th of February was – well, let’s call it – interesting. As you guys know I always talked quite good about DoFinance as I was pretty happy with this platform.

But during the corona-crises their communication was not what I would call relyable. Their webinar from last year has nothing to do with “solving problems for their investors”. This time the webinar was ways better, but still the action is missing. From Lars’ Telegram channel I do know that he was repaid about 75% of his investment. But my investment is still blocked and it is like 10-20 € per month which are repaid.

If you want to watch the webinar again, you will find it here. It is okay and it is a good step into the right direction, but does trustworthiness looks like this? I am not really sure for myself at the moment to be honest.

Still locked – and nothing to blame about!

I really do not want to make it political here. I am just wondering how things are running with the corona management. Yesterday I read a number: Only 47% of the german population is still happy with the management from our government.

It is absolutely unbelievable how things are managed. For me personally there is no big influence to be honest, as I am tested reguarly but also able to work from home. Therefore I decided to not take care about it anymore. Currently the lockdown is prolonged until the 28th of March – guys up there: DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT!

How are you coping with the situation? I am really tired of it and I am only focussing on my personal stuff. I guess that is not the way to handle politics, but I am so damn tired of all of those stories, lies and directions we receive, I just dont care anymore.

Wishing you guys all the best!

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