P2P News: Peerberry Relocation

CW 38 – Top #3 P2P News: Income on SeedBlink + New Reinvest24 investments + PeerBerry relocation

Peerberry relocation to Croatia, Income with a new loan originator und a crowdfunding campain and new investment projects on Reinstvest24.

Welcome to another short overview of the hottest P2P News during the last week. I picked those Top 3 which I are either highly interesting for me and/or for the whole P2P lending business. So let’s dive into this weeks Top 3 News. Read more

P2P Platform Check: Moncera

New P2P Platform-Check: Moncera – Estonian P2P platform earning up to 10% and One-Click-Exit

Moncera– another new platform without track record and high interest yield? Well, ehm, no. Moncera is a new platform brand, but the company behind this P2P lending platform is already good known and has a track record on Mintos. Today I would like to introduce Moncera to you, which I added into my P2P portfolio a while ago.

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P2P News CW 37: ZEUM token sale on Crowdestor

CW 37 – Top #3 P2P News: Zeum token on Crowdestor + Debitum Network results + Interest cut at Peerberry

Welcome to this weeks P2P News. As we are heading towards the fourth quarter of 2021 more and more reports of 2020 and also the quartiles in 2021 are published. I am really looking forward reading some of them. Debitum Network published their 2020 results and some more news. Additionally I would like to present an interest cut von Peerberry for investors to you as well as another crypto-project in P2P lending. Read more

Update Debitum Network

Update Debitum Network: Was I right to double my investment?

Debitum Network is a good known P2P lending platform. After I started my investment here back in 2019 I want to give you an update about it today. Read more

P2P News: Mintos Notes Merger LandSecured

CW 36 – Top #3 P2P News: EstateGuru’s Q2 report, Mintos Notes and merger of LendSecured and Lande

Welcome to my weekly news oversight. This week I will be shortly dealing with the Q2 results of EstateGuru, what Mintos Notes is about and the merger of Lande and LendSecured. So let’s get into it. Read more