P2P Income Report 08/21

Income Report August 2021 – Answering some questions and holidays

Guys, we already arrived in the next month. So it is time to publish my next Income Report. In my last one from July I wrote about changing the perspective. Read more

P2P Income Report 07/21

Income Report July 2021 – Changing the perspective

It has been a while since I published my last income report. Due to the overall inactivity and some more things I missed it. But my investments are still running and generating some cash. In March there have been some changes in my life, which I should have known better and expected them more. Combined with a lack of self-confidence I made some wrong decisons in my priorities but also my financial stuff. Read more


#PAR16 Passive Income Report February 2021

Welcome to March – Goodbye February! When I last wrote my GamePlan for CW8 two weeks ago I was like “Hej, it is running great and smoothly”. And just two days later it hit me from somewhere I wasn’t expecting it. That is a great learning to never ever think you re save 🙂 Read more

P2P Income Report

#PAR15 Passive Income Report January 2021

Have you already read my last weeks blogpost about Real Estate Lending? It was a blogpost influenced by the finfellas event on 28th/29th of January, where a lot of experts where talking about real estate and its future. Here in Germany you sometimes hear the argument “Well, the population is getting smaller, so why do built another house?”. Those voices are still pretty small at the moment, but I guess they will come up soon. Read more

Crushing it in 2021

#PAR14 Passive Income Report December 2020

And here we are – 2021! I am wishing all of you a Happy New Year. May all of your wishes and goals come true, hoping you are blessed with healthiness and the power to succeed.

We celebrated christmas as well as New Years Eve quite small, just toghether with my brother. Germany is a lockdown-light since the beginning of November and a much stricter lockdown since December. Therefore christmas parties were pretty small this year in our house, wherefore there is not that much to report about. I used the bank holidays to do a lot of running and make even more plans for 2021. Read more