P2P Income Report Dec 2021

Income Report December 2021

Happy New Year 2022! The new year already arrived. So it is time to write an update on my monthly income report. I am pretty excited whether my money was able to work harder than me during the month πŸ™‚

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Income Report 11-2021

Income Report November 2021

How was your November 2021? Over here in Germany we faced another huge increase of covid-infections, but somehow people do not really care about it. Compared to last years October life seems to be as normal as possible and still going on. Therefore there was a lot of “noise” from the media but nothing which really affected me. So let’s get into the P2P lending scene of November and explore what happend there.

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Income Report October

Income Report October 2021 – Energy flows where focus goes

Another month is over and we already entered the last 61 days of 2021. I cannot imagine getting off the gas right now, as there is always enough to do. To be honest: Trying to outperform myself in the last quartile of each year makes me personally feel like I am a bit ahead of myself – and everyone else around me. Everyone is already getting into this Xmas-mood, shifting down and eating a lot of candies.

Have you ever thought about not doing that? About stepping on the gas and moving forward? This is an idea which really triggers me.

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P2P Income Report 08/21

Income Report August 2021 – Answering some questions and holidays

Guys, we already arrived in the next month. So it is time to publish my next Income Report. In my last one from July I wrote about changing the perspective. Read more

P2P Income Report 07/21

Income Report July 2021 – Changing the perspective

It has been a while since I published my last income report. Due to the overall inactivity and some more things I missed it. But my investments are still running and generating some cash. In March there have been some changes in my life, which I should have known better and expected them more. Combined with a lack of self-confidence I made some wrong decisons in my priorities but also my financial stuff. Read more