Restart. Reset. Refocus

Restart. Reset. Refocus.

Restart. Reset. Refocus. It is as simple as that to be honest.

My last created piece of content has been published here back in the beginning of June this year. That is quite bad as a wannabe-regularly-publishing blogger.

However, is has not been the first time in my life I stumbled. And it probably won’t be the last time. Also I really don’t like it,  I need to accept it and adjust my stuff. Read more


P2P News CW 42: Bondora goes Netherlands, P2P in Switzerland and P2P-volume increase

Welcome to this weeks P2P News, which are again tied into small content pieces. The latest news: Bondora goes Netherlands – wow, what a step.

Five to seven minutes very intense information here on my blog and on my other channels.

Keep yourself informed and share the information, which is relevant for you. So, let’s go and get updated! Read more