P2P News: Mintos Notes Merger LandSecured

CW 36 – Top #3 P2P News: EstateGuru’s Q2 report, Mintos Notes and merger of LendSecured and Lande

Welcome to my weekly news oversight. This week I will be shortly dealing with the Q2 results of EstateGuru, what Mintos Notes is about and the merger of Lande and LendSecured. So let’s get into it. Read more

Financial Independence: Get Financially In Shape!

From my point of view Financial Independence is the most important goal! With this blogpost I want to start a series on my blog talking about the DO’s and DON’Ts you have to follow to reach financial independence. Read more

P2P News CW 35

CW 35 – Top #3 P2P News: Bitcoin-Secured loans on Bondster + Twino regulation + Mintos investment

Welcome to another week full of news. When I started investing into P2P lending the information was pretty rare. Especially after the last year when covid had a huge impact in this sector a lot of P2P lending platforms started to communicate reguarly. Read more

P2P Income Report 08/21

Income Report August 2021 – Answering some questions and holidays

Guys, we already arrived in the next month. So it is time to publish my next Income Report. In my last one from July I wrote about changing the perspective. Read more

New platform Income Marketplace

New P2P Platform-Check: Getincome / Income Marketplace

Getincome or Income Marketplace is a quite new P2P lending platform, who focusses on securing investors money. That sounds pretty good on the first sight. In todays blogpost I will try to find out, what Income Marketplace is about. And of course trying to find an answer to the question whether their platform is more safe for investors than others.

For investors and also interested investors there is the chance to meet CEO Kimmo Rytkönen on 04.09.2021. Lars Wrobbel, the pope of P2P lending in Germany, invited him to his monthly community meetup via Zoom. If you need any more information, join his Telegram channel and check the post from 15th of August. The content is mainly in german, but during the meetup with Kimmo it will be probably english. Read more