Robocash Update

Robocash Update – How the tiny little helper grew over the last two years

In todays blogpost I would like to update my Robocash blogpost. I wrote it in the beginning of 2020, so nearly two years ago. Aligned to this blogpost I also wrote an official review on Robocash, which I will update every month if there are some news about the platform. Read more

P2P News 02 DoFinance Recovery

CW 02 – Top #3 P2P News: DoFinance Recovery, Update on EstateGurus auto-invest, Mintos pauses LO from Kazahkstan

DoFinance Recovery, Update on EstateGurus aut-invest and Mintos pauses loan originators from Kazahkstan- that is what I want to talk about this week!

Welcome to 2022 and welcome to the latest P2P News of this week. As I paused this section since CW51 I took three news out of this whole time which influenced my portfolio.

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P2P Income Report Dec 2021

Income Report December 2021

Happy New Year 2022! The new year already arrived. So it is time to write an update on my monthly income report. I am pretty excited whether my money was able to work harder than me during the month 🙂

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DanaRupiah new on Income

CW 51 – Top #3 P2P News: DanaRupiah new on Income, Wowwo suspended from Mintos + Zopa closes P2P platform

Today we will look at DanaRupiah, which is a new loan originator on Income. Mintos decided to suspend Wowwo, the turkish loan originator and the UK-platform Zopa closes their P2P platform in January 2022.

So welcome to another week of intersting P2P News – Let’s dive into the details

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Income Report 11-2021

Income Report November 2021

How was your November 2021? Over here in Germany we faced another huge increase of covid-infections, but somehow people do not really care about it. Compared to last years October life seems to be as normal as possible and still going on. Therefore there was a lot of “noise” from the media but nothing which really affected me. So let’s get into the P2P lending scene of November and explore what happend there.

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