Bondster Scam

Is Bondster a scam? Let’s try to find out with facts

I received a comment the other day saying: “Bondster is a scam”. This is below my blogpost about taking Bondster into my highyield experiment. As I also take different opinions into account I decided to write a blogpost about it. Read more

Money Mindset: It is your versus you

Money Mindset: It is always YOU versus YOU

Today I would like talk about your Money Mindset. I want to show you how you might get out of any struggle by overcoming yourself and your fears. It is not easy and not instant to built a bulletproof money mindset, but it is worth any hour you put in. Read more

Income Report October

Income Report October 2021 – Energy flows where focus goes

Another month is over and we already entered the last 61 days of 2021. I cannot imagine getting off the gas right now, as there is always enough to do. To be honest: Trying to outperform myself in the last quartile of each year makes me personally feel like I am a bit ahead of myself – and everyone else around me. Everyone is already getting into this Xmas-mood, shifting down and eating a lot of candies.

Have you ever thought about not doing that? About stepping on the gas and moving forward? This is an idea which really triggers me.

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P2P News: Bondora relaunches spanish loans

CW 42 – Top #3 P2P News:

And welcome to another P2P news post. This week everything seems to be dealing with growth. So lets’ dive into the latest news!

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P2P News CW 41

CW 41 – Top #3 P2P News: New perspective at Bulkestate + Reinvest24 goes Moldova + finfellas starts Season 2

Welcome to the latest news in P2P lending. The week has been tough for me, as we went on holidays in Spain 🙂 Nevertheless there were enough before to fill them into my P2P News. Maybe

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