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Mintos with 13% yield on my invest – Is that possible?

Mintos is one of the biggest p2p platforms in Europe. With over 2 billion Euros invested loans and nearby 150.000 investors Mintos outperforms anyone else. Relying on the p2p loan volume of from April 2019 the whole market volume is about 550 million Euros.

The share of Mintos is 190 million Euros. This is nearly 35% of the whole market, whereas Mintos is the biggest platform for investors. Investing in the leading platform sounds like quite safe and additionally very clever. The yield to receive through an investment is 13%, if I believe the public data.

Tell me more about the vision of AS Mintos Marketplace

The company is located in Riga, Latvia. The team has a size of 65 employees in June 2019. Those people guarantee the the work of the platform. Mintos was launched in 2015 and expanded since then to the leading loan provider. Read more

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Best peer to peer lending sites – My personal P2P ranking

The best peer to peer lending sites are trustworthy and easy to use. For my goal to financially free those factors are very important as well. This is why I decided to make a ranking out of those platforms I experienced myself. In the end I would like to invest on more than ten platforms. For my personal risk profile I would also like to spread these investments on platforms all over Europe (minimum requirement) and maybe all over the World (maybe in some years).

Find out about my best peer to peer lending sites

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Debitum Network – Investing in business loans on an upcoming platform

Debitum Network is a P2P platform from Riga, Latvia. Until now, it is not mentioned, when talking about the big platforms. Their concept about P2P lending differs a bit from the rest of the market, so it is worth to take a look. I really like their website-design as well as the design of the platform. But this does not bring interest into my account, so let’s check the substantial facts of Debitum Network.

Debitum Network enables you to invest in businesses

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