P2P News CW 44 Bondora Go and Grow Update Mintos Fractional Bonds and Monefit Smartsaver

P2P NEWS CW 44: New CEO @Income, 8,33% @Monefit, Go & Grow 2.0 and Launch of Mintos Fractional Bonds

Mintos launches Fractionla Bonds, Income has a new CEO and Bondora launches Go and Grow 2.0.

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P2P News CW 27-viainvest auto invest

P2P News CW27: Viainvest auto-invest, Reinvest24 goes UK, Bondster recovers RapiCredit and more

Welcome to todays P2P News of the week 27. I would like to wrap up the latest news but also most relevant headlines for my portfolio. The idea behind this format is to cover the headline and some basic information about it trying to make it easier for you to decide if you want to dive into the topic. So, let’s go. Read more

Review of finfellas Riga 2023

Review of finfellas Riga 2023

It has been a while since I wrote here. But inbetween all of the time passing by I had the honor to travel to Riga, Latvia and participate at the finfellas Riga 2023 event. The event proclaims itself as “Europe’s flagship P2P investment, crowdfunding and fintech event” – let’s see what they can make out of it. Read more


P2P News CW 42: Bondora goes Netherlands, P2P in Switzerland and P2P-volume increase

Welcome to this weeks P2P News, which are again tied into small content pieces. The latest news: Bondora goes Netherlands – wow, what a step.

Five to seven minutes very intense information here on my blog and on my other channels.

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P2P News CW 21: Tax-solution for Debitum investors

CW 21 – Top #3 P2P News: Tax-solution for Debitum investors, Viainvest raises interest rates to 12% and Bondora presents very good 2021 results

Debitum Network shows investors step-by-step how to avoid withholding taxes for them. It is a great guide and it will keep the compound-effect rolling for those investors, who update their profile and upload the tax residency certificate.

Additionally Bondora presented good results from 2021 and shows a very straight way to hit the 1 million investors on the platform.

Last but not least: viainvest raises their interest rates again!

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