P2P News CW 44 Bondora Go and Grow Update Mintos Fractional Bonds and Monefit Smartsaver

P2P NEWS CW 44: New CEO @Income, 8,33% @Monefit, Go & Grow 2.0 and Launch of Mintos Fractional Bonds

Mintos launches Fractionla Bonds, Income has a new CEO and Bondora launches Go and Grow 2.0.

Welcome to this weeks P2P News and updates out of our preferred investing area 🙂 Let’s get started right away Read more

Financial Audit - P2P Strategy 2024

Financial Audit Week #2: Status Quo October 2023 (+ P2P Strategy 2024)

In this post I would like to make a financial audit of the current situation. Furthermore I will work on my P2P investing strategy to optimize the outcome. You will see, where I am starting off and of course you will see which P2P platforms will be relevant for me (and why). Read more

Financial-Journey-2024-1 Find a goal

Financial Journey 2024 – Week #1: Find A Goal

Find A Goal – sounds easy, but?

Yesterday evening I joined a webinar of Ben Newman. Ben is a motivational coach who is working with several NFL teams but also single persons. He offered a free webinar dealing with the topic of preparing for 2024. Read more

P2P Income Report July 2023

P2P Income Report July 2023

Here we are again in August. July is over and it is time to work out another income report for you. During July the investments into platforms had been small. I was on holidays in Austria and France and did not care about the finances. Therefore everything worked, which has been automated. And nothing worked, which has to happen manually 🙂

So, let’s get into the figures.

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P2P News CW 27-viainvest auto invest

P2P News CW27: Viainvest auto-invest, Reinvest24 goes UK, Bondster recovers RapiCredit and more

Welcome to todays P2P News of the week 27. I would like to wrap up the latest news but also most relevant headlines for my portfolio. The idea behind this format is to cover the headline and some basic information about it trying to make it easier for you to decide if you want to dive into the topic. So, let’s go. Read more