6 Good Money Habits That Can Turn You Financially Free

6 good money habits that can turn you financially free

Good money habits are the basics for everything you want to achieve financially in your life. It is not important whether you are aiming for financial freedom, your own house or getting out of debt. At the end it all comes down to what you execute and behave on every day. Read more

P2P News CW10 - Kviku Finance Update

CW 10 – Top #3 P2P News: Kviku Finance Update, Reinvest24 expands and Peerberry facing reality

Another week went by and we are still facing a lot of challenges. Especially the war in Ukraine influences the P2P industry more and more – and the dimensions are getting more and more clear for platforms and investors.

Welcome to my latest P2P News.

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P2P Income Report February 2022

Income Report February 2022

February has probably been the month where everyone was reminded of the covid crash. Also the stock exchanges did not reacted the way they did in March 2020, it was interesting to see the correlations. But also for P2P industry the consequences have been noticeable. Let’s go into the details.

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P2P News CW9 Debitum Network abs

CW 09 – Top #3 P2P News: Bondora Q&A, Debitum ABS, Russian payment flows

Debitum Network ABS are released – investors are now able to invest into new products. Bondora CEO Pärtel offered Q&A on their Youtube channel which the latest news in the current situation. And of course we re talking about the overall affects of the RUS-UA conflicts for P2P investors!

Welcome to my latest P2P News.

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