P2P News CW 27-viainvest auto invest

P2P News CW27: Viainvest auto-invest, Reinvest24 goes UK, Bondster recovers RapiCredit and more

Welcome to todays P2P News of the week 27. I would like to wrap up the latest news but also most relevant headlines for my portfolio. The idea behind this format is to cover the headline and some basic information about it trying to make it easier for you to decide if you want to dive into the topic. So, let’s go. Read more

P2P Income Report June 2023

P2P Income Report June 2023

New Income Report incoming – it has been a while since the last time. So let’s do not make arguments or excuses, but start with the latest report from June 2023.

I will make those reports reguarly again in the future, but maybe change the format a little bit. In my last report I was focussing on four platform, but somehow things went another way for several reasons. Today I will start with just presenting the short facts about my investment and its return from every platform I am invested in. Read more