I love to read a book review as well as I love to read those books afterwards. My reader and my audible-account is filled up with books and audios, which inspired my. Some even more than others. And for those who made me feel like I was using a shortcut or the fast lane, I want to give you a review. If you do not know, who I am, please check my “About Me”-page 🙂

Book review: “The Winners Laws – 30 Absolutely Unbreakable Habits of Success” by Bodo Schaefer

Bodo Schaefer is probably the one person I learned from at first. His book “The Road to Financial Freedom” was the very first book about financial freedom I held in my hands some years ago. Afterwards I found “The Winners Law” – really awesome.

30 habits as winning laws in my life

I was tought 30 different “laws” how to become a winner. To be honest, some of them fit to me and others do not. But as Bodo says you do not have to work with any of those 30, but with the majority fitting to your life. I try to read the book once every three months. The book has new aspects everytime I read it, which are very valueable for me.

I think the book is worth the time reading it. In my eyes there is nothing comparable (for me) on that topic, but I am open minded to new things. Until then I recommend the book to anyone, who wants to experience new habits in his life!

Book review: Total Recall: “My Unbelievably True Life Story” by Arnold Schwarzenegger

A lot of people know Arnold from his movies. “The Terminator” ist probably his most succesful movie. Since Arnold quit a the Governeur his life took some changes. In his book “My Unbeliebably True Life Story” is very honestly. He is writing about his troubles and fears in life.

Disciplin is not my strength – but he is a good mentor!

For anyone wanting to learn something about disciplin Arnold gives his readers his 6 rules of success. I absoltely love them as well as I am very happy I found this book. It is not about weightlifting or Terminator, but about his way through life so far. Absolutely impressing!

I heard the book on audible. This made it even more “credible” because Arnold is reading out several chapters himself. If you like audio-books you can get the book with in your audible-subscription “for free” – within you monthly payment-rate.

Book review: “The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure” by Grant Cardone

Knowledge is nothing without taking action. And this what the book is about: Motivating you to take massive action. Meanwhile those phrases are a bit annoying, but finally Grant Cardone is right. He gives the reader a dozen examples where taking action was the right solution to move forward.

“The 10 X Rule” is a very good book for people who feel confident and ask thereself, why they are not getting further on. For me it was an eye-opener when I realized, that I am able to aim for more as I guessed to.

Set bigger goals you do not know how to hit them

As the title says you should “10 X” your goals, your action and everything to reach even more. Usually we are aiming for goals which are ways to tiny and too realistic. Grant inspired me to aim for goals I do not a have a clue today how to reach them.

As it is not that far back as I read the book, I am really excited which impact the content has to my way, when sticking to the goals. I will keep you informed, but for now, this book is a good recommendation to anyone!