P2P News CW 44 Bondora Go and Grow Update Mintos Fractional Bonds and Monefit Smartsaver

P2P NEWS CW 44: New CEO @Income, 8,33% @Monefit, Go & Grow 2.0 and Launch of Mintos Fractional Bonds

Mintos launches Fractionla Bonds, Income has a new CEO and Bondora launches Go and Grow 2.0.

Welcome to this weeks P2P News and updates out of our preferred investing area 🙂 Let’s get started right away

#1 Up to 8,33% for investors @Monefit

Until now investors were able to usually earn 7,25% while investing with Monefit Smart Saver. Die concept behind the product is pretty simple and maybe similar to Bondora Go & Grow.

You transfer money to your account and Monefit works with your money. The interest payments are coming right away and if you want to exit it will only take up to 10 days.

Now Monefit Smart Saver started a loyalty program. Investors with more than 10.000 EUR invested on the platform are receiving 7,52% invested of 7,25%. Afterwards there are some more steps until the amount of 80.000 EUR. From there on the interest will be 8,33%.

Additionally the platform raised their maximum invest from 100k to 250k.

10 EUR – 10.000 EUR -> 7,25%

10.001 EUR – 30.000 EUR -> 7,52%

30.001 EUR – 50.000 EUR -> 7,79%

50.001 EUR – 80.000 EUR -> 8,03%

80.001 EUR – 250.000 EUR -> 8,33%

Sounds a like to one-click-solutions are moving and paying investors more and more interest after they could easily receive 2,5-4,0% with daymoney accounts.

#2 New CEO @Income Marketplace: Lavrenti Tsudakov

Well, Lavrenti is not really new to Income. He works @Income Marketplace since the early 2021. First he was working as Operational Manager and became Chief Operatiol Manager in the beginning of 2023.

New CEO @Income: Lavrenti Tsudakov

New CEO @Income: Lavrenti Tsudakov

Now he became the new CEO, which means that something happens with Kimmo, the former CEO. This is the statement Income published on their website:

“Kimmo Rytkönen, the current founder and CEO, will be focusing on an active founder position with a focus on new partnerships, regulatory license applications, and the next funding round of the company.”

“Kimmo will be able to focus on the areas where he can have the biggest impact on the company’s strategy and growth, such as new partner onboardings, regulatory license applications, and the successful execution of the next funding round.”

It seems like there are big moves coming from Income Marketplace and this is just the preparation. Good Luck Kimmo, good luck Lavrenti and of course all the best to the Income Team.

#3 Bondora relaunches their service

After Bondora re-opens Go & Grow again during June this year AND rised the maximum investment to 700 EUR per month they now informed about an update. To be honest, I was not really able to find information about what will change. On Bondoras webseite you will find the following information:

The biggest update of 2023 has started! You can look forward to our easiest way of investing ever. Your experience will become smoother and more effortless thanks to one-click investing, monthly auto-optimization to earn the highest possible returns, a sleek new dashboard, and more.

First of all new investors will receive the update instantly after registering on the platform. All other investors will receive the update from 23rd of October on. Those, who are working with several sub-accounts in their Bondora Go & Grow account, will be last to be updated. So never mind, if nothing has changed in your account so far.

Bondora Go & Grow Update

Bondora Go & Grow Update

Click here to get any information in my Bondora Go & Grow Review. I will of course update it as far as my account is changed as well.

#4 Bondster announces RapiCredit repayment

Bondster just announced, that all overdue loans and interest concerning the columbian loan originator RapiCredit, were repaid during October. Therewith all investors received their money back including the interest payments.

Officially RapiCredit got into trouble in mid of 2022 due to an technical issue. Bonster writes on their website, that the issue should be solved within several weeks – from July 2022 on. It seems like that several weeks are like more than 52 weeks.

Nevertheless, RapiCredit is a good example of how platforms work nowadays to receive the money of investors back. This behaviour changed over the last year in the P2P industry after several investments went off in 2020 and were never seen again. This does not make it more save to invest into P2P lending, but it is a good sign. In the end the activities are a sign of engagement the platform takes to secure the money of their investors and of course their own reputation.

#5 Mintos launches “Fractional Bonds”

Bonds are usually handled with a huge minimum invest. Some are allowing investments from 1.000 EUR on – most of them will only accept your investment with 10.000 EUR and even more. This investment is not accessible for most of the investors.

Mintos now found a way to make it work for their investors. The tool of usage here are Fractional Bonds.

We want to provide an opportunity for all investors to benefit from investing in bonds: With our Fractional Bonds, you can invest in small parts of bonds, starting from as little as €50. Plus, you can sell your investments on the Secondary Market if you want to cash out early.

Their first try is with the Eleving Group, which was sold out pretty soon. Investors only have to invest a minimum of 50 EUR, just like with Mintos Notes. Usually bonds have a quite long term at a fixed interest rate. At Mintos shares of Fractional Bonds can be shared via the secondary market.

Overall Mintos follows its strategy to explore new investments areas. By making bonds available to a wide range of investors Mintos is make a huge step into their future. Really like it!


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