how to have multiple income streams

How to have multiple income streams with diversified investments

How to have multiple income streams? This is a question you will find a lot of answers on the internet. Especially when you search for it on Youtube. Just type it in, click to some videos and wait what the advertisement algorithm will show you. Read more

doing good with money

7 signs you are doing good with money

“Doing good with money” is something we usually do not talk about here in Germany. Maybe your partner or really good friends. But we are not used to talking about money with strangers or in public unless we are the CEO of company or a politican. I can not really tell you why it is like that. Maybe we are scared that others are jealous? Or we do not feel comfortable with it as we try to compare with others? Read more

peer tp peer lending sites ranking

Best peer to peer lending sites – My personal P2P ranking (Update 02.02.20)

Welcome to the P2P Platform Rating 2020. The first version was released in 2019 and has already helped you a lot. Since I announced an update relatively quickly based on your feedback, I received several emails over 2019 asking when it would be released. Now the time has come.

Please note as usual and here especially: The rating is based on my experiences, estimations and research. There is no claim to completeness. As always I am therefore dependent on your cooperation! Read more

Passive investor

7 habits of a successful passive investor in P2P lending

A passive investor is someone earning a lot of money while investing just a very little time into those investments. Quite a lot of people are talking about passive income. But what does passive income mean? I like to keep it very simple: The less active you must be to receive an income from any investment, the more passive income you have. Read more

Portfolio Income from easy investments with Luis Pazos

Portfolio income with 20 minutes work – Easy income investments from Luis Pazos

For those following my blog it is nothing new, that I am concentrating on passive income investments. Beside P2P lending I am concentrating on investments who are able to pay me any kind of income. A huge part of this are dividend shares in my portfolio.

Honestly, it takes quite some time to find the right investment opportunities, also I am following an quite easy strategy. Today I would like to share another idea from Luis Pazos, expert for REITs and high yield investments,  with you, who published a blogpost in german. It is named “Dividend Strategy – A fast and easy portfolio for everyone“. Read more