Passive income investments

Passive income investments with less time and more success

Passive income investments sound like a dream, which will not be able to come true. But I think it works, if you are able to cope with the circumstances of it. Usually investing comes along with the intention of flashing red and green candlesticks on live-charts for 24 hours a day. Read more

Safety vs. interest: Is call money able to support my financial goals?

Just imagine you are going back home from an exhausting day at work in your car. The music plays and you are watching the sunset. You are planning the evening with your partner. And you are thinking about the next day in the office.

But then suddenly, you see smoke coming out of the engine. The car stops somewhere. The sound is horrible, when you try to start it but you are not able to start it again. Read more

p2p lending between borrower and lender

P2P lending risks and chances in your portfolio

P2P lending is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The capital invested is increasing, as well as the number of platforms. This is good, because the comparability and competition provides a comfortable situation from the investor’s point of view. Read more