Real Estate Lending

3 ways to invest into Real Estate Lending in 2021

Real Estate Lending is especially know as buying your own flat or apartment. When talking about it there is often the so-called-advantage that buying real estate will lead to more freedom when people get old. Until today I am personally not convinced of that as I mainly see several disadvantages. But not buying my own property does not mean I do not want to invest into real estate. As you know I love to diversify, which is also the case for real estate lending. Read more


GamePlan CW4: Following the 72 hours rule

Good morning everyone, today will be my day one. Do you this quote: “One Day Or Day One – You Decide”. And I decided to make today my day number one. Read more

Conlending with Celsius, Swipe and Coinloan

Coinlending – Is there any chance to earn money?

Coinlending sounds quite wired at the first sight. Dealing with crypto currencies is still seen as a very “dark chapter” of society. Just people without bank accounts use crypto currencies. And as today it is soooo simple to get a bank account, those guys must be criminal. That is what society mainly thinks you cryptos. Read more

Crushing it in 2021

#PAR14 Passive Income Report December 2020

And here we are – 2021! I am wishing all of you a Happy New Year. May all of your wishes and goals come true, hoping you are blessed with healthiness and the power to succeed.

We celebrated christmas as well as New Years Eve quite small, just toghether with my brother. Germany is a lockdown-light since the beginning of November and a much stricter lockdown since December. Therefore christmas parties were pretty small this year in our house, wherefore there is not that much to report about. I used the bank holidays to do a lot of running and make even more plans for 2021. Read more