P2P Platform Check: Moncera

New P2P Platform-Check: Moncera – Estonian P2P platform earning up to 10% and One-Click-Exit

Moncera– another new platform without track record and high interest yield? Well, ehm, no. Moncera is a new platform brand, but the company behind this P2P lending platform is already good known and has a track record on Mintos. Today I would like to introduce Moncera to you, which I added into my P2P portfolio a while ago.

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Update Debitum Network

Update Debitum Network: Was I right to double my investment?

Debitum Network is a good known P2P lending platform. After I started my investment here back in 2019 I want to give you an update about it today. Read more

bondster logo

#2 Bondster – The second platform of my P2P High Yield Experiment

Today I would like to introduce Bondster, the second participant in my experiment. After my first post about Reinvest24 we will today travel digitally to Prague, Czech Republic. So I have a participant in my P2P portfolio who is not from the Baltic States. I’m happy about this on the one hand because it is something different for once and on the other hand because it has advantages for diversification. Read more

Reinvest24 P2P lending

#1 Reinvest24 – The first platform of my P2P High Yield Experiment

I do know Reinvest24 since quite a while. But it lasted until now to get my first investment there. The reason therefore is simple: Reinvest24 is a smaller P2P platform, which did not matched my general P2P criterias until now. What does Reinvest24 did to match them now? Read more

High Yield P2P Investing Experiment

Let’s have a P2P High Yield Experiment :)

Have you ever thought about P2P high yield investing in your own portfolio? Read more