New platform Income Marketplace

New P2P Platform-Check: Getincome / Income Marketplace

Getincome or Income Marketplace is a quite new P2P lending platform, who focusses on securing investors money. That sounds pretty good on the first sight. In todays blogpost I will try to find out, what Income Marketplace is about. And of course trying to find an answer to the question whether their platform is more safe for investors than others.

For investors and also interested investors there is the chance to meet CEO Kimmo Rytkönen on 04.09.2021. Lars Wrobbel, the pope of P2P lending in Germany, invited him to his monthly community meetup via Zoom. If you need any more information, join his Telegram channel and check the post from 15th of August. The content is mainly in german, but during the meetup with Kimmo it will be probably english. Read more

P2P Income Report 07/21

Income Report July 2021 – Changing the perspective

It has been a while since I published my last income report. Due to the overall inactivity and some more things I missed it. But my investments are still running and generating some cash. In March there have been some changes in my life, which I should have known better and expected them more. Combined with a lack of self-confidence I made some wrong decisons in my priorities but also my financial stuff. Read more