Financial crisis - what will happen to P2P lending?

Will P2P lending crash during financial crisis?

Financial crisis as well as economical meltdown – since weeks and months there is a myth-monster called “recession” on the news. You can read it in any newspaper , watch it on any news-video and if you believe in official numbers, the trend is confirmed.

Especially here in Germany the myth-monster is very active. The macroeconomic policy institute just released their newest date of a recession fear. The probability of a recession in Germany within the next three months climbed up from 43% to now 59%. Read more

Safety vs. interest: Is call money able to support my financial goals?

Just imagine you are going back home from an exhausting day at work in your car. The music plays and you are watching the sunset. You are planning the evening with your partner. And you are thinking about the next day in the office.

But then suddenly, you see smoke coming out of the engine. The car stops somewhere. The sound is horrible, when you try to start it but you are not able to start it again. Read more

Canoeing in Sweden

#PAR02 Passive Income Report August 2019

Meanwhile September is over by almost a third, so I really have to set up my report from August. As I mentioned I had three weeks off in August and went two weeks on holidays in Norway and Sweden.

It was very nice and the scandinavian weather was very kind with us. But beside reading some books nothing worked out for me, as I planned to do some new things during the holidays. Read more

Financial Leverage with credit

Does financial leverage with P2P lending works?

Financial leverage is often mentioned in two different cases: as an entrepreneur or as an investor. Of course we just want to think about the view of the investor. I came across this topic while reading (and listening to) several books during my holiday. Read more