Crushing it in 2021

2019 was a success, but in 2020 I will crush it

In my last monthly reports I always wrote about my planning of 2020 and how I made it differently this year. Now, after the Christmas days I have to consider, that I did it absolutely the right way. Trying out something new is always a bit scary. But when you prove your decision of doing if a different way, you will learn to challenge yourself. Read more

Passive Income Report November 2019

#PAR05 Passive Income Report November 2019

The end is coming. But every end is another start of something new, so I am really looking for this end to come. My November was quite full with things concerning the next year. I decided to end up with several clients.

The main reason therefore was the big problem of selling time, which I do not want to focus on. I would like to work in projects, which have more interesting topics (for me personally) and are not depending on the time in spent therefore. So I am really happy with the workload for the next year. Read more

Passive investor

7 habits of a successful passive investor in P2P lending

A passive investor is someone earning a lot of money while investing just a very little time into those investments. Quite a lot of people are talking about passive income. But what does passive income mean? I like to keep it very simple: The less active you must be to receive an income from any investment, the more passive income you have. Read more

Iban Wallet logo

Iban Wallet: Big deal or big fail?

Iban Wallet sounds quite cool, does not it? When I first heard of them via a newsletter, I surfed to their website. The content is very good structured, nice pictures and the explanations sound quite easy.

If you are used to the “normal” interest rates from P2P lending, you are more or less shocked from 2,5% to 6% – but still far better than you day money account. So I thought to myself: Why not having a try with Iban Wallet in order to diversify risk among several P2P lending platforms. Read more

Portfolio Income from easy investments with Luis Pazos

Portfolio income with 20 minutes work – Easy income investments from Luis Pazos

For those following my blog it is nothing new, that I am concentrating on passive income investments. Beside P2P lending I am concentrating on investments who are able to pay me any kind of income. A huge part of this are dividend shares in my portfolio.

Honestly, it takes quite some time to find the right investment opportunities, also I am following an quite easy strategy. Today I would like to share another idea from Luis Pazos, expert for REITs and high yield investments,  with you, who published a blogpost in german. It is named “Dividend Strategy – A fast and easy portfolio for everyone“. Read more