Passive Income Report November 2019

#PAR05 Passive Income Report November 2019

The end is coming. But every end is another start of something new, so I am really looking for this end to come. My November was quite full with things concerning the next year. I decided to end up with several clients.

The main reason therefore was the big problem of selling time, which I do not want to focus on. I would like to work in projects, which have more interesting topics (for me personally) and are not depending on the time in spent therefore. So I am really happy with the workload for the next year.

Three words about November: mind-blowing, routines and wonderfully ugly

Haha, so let’s start with the first one. In November I heard the audio-book “Can’t hurt me”, written by David Goggins. The audio-book is more like a podcast and discussion table. The book is completely read during the audio, but every 30-60 minutes David and Adam (narrator) talk about the topics from the last chapter.

David Goggins – Can’t hurt me! #canthurtme

Short story: David had a quite difficult childhood and decided to serve the army. He wanted to get a Navy, as they are known as the hardest guys in the army. Do you ever heard something about Hell Week? Great guys, really great how David described his problems and wins.

But in the end the book is far more than just about that. It is about the daily challenges David sets itself and tackles them down. Big recommendation for this book! This was really mind-blowing.

It’s all about habits and routines! #routines #habits

Well, I am quite pleased with the targets I will hit for 2019. Especially in financial things I do not reached my goals. Maybe those were to high, but I think I missed to built habits and routines about it.

In my last report I wrote about the planning for 2020. And of course this plans include financial goals. So I decided to automate those streams. Therefore I just have to care about the saving rates and incomes. And I am sure my money will be going somewhere I decided to. The less I have to think about it during the year, the less I will fail my goals.

Do you automate your saving rates to several accounts, whereas standing order do the rest? I sometimes feel like I am no more the captain of those financial things, as everything is now completely automated.

Wonderfuly ugly – Let’s talk about the weather

Since November I am training again. Sticking to the plan means also to go for a run, when it is dark and rainy outside. And during November there is a lot of darkness and rain outside.

But as I am training for the Transalpine Run 2020, I need to get started now. And after about one week I really enjoy running through the dark, also when it is raining. There is such a wonderful easiness and silence I am able to calm down very fast from my daily tasks.

Passive income in November: 69,62 Euro

In November I just increased the investments at Mintos and DoFinance in total with 500 Euro. Not much, but that was my plan for November. Currently my P2P share of my total assets is around 34%, so I need to adjust it a bit.

Mintos: 46,16 Euro / 9,90 %

In November there were two weeks where I had constantly money in my cash-reserve. So I guess my auto-invest has not found any loans. I just checked it in my auto-invest and it seems like there a not many loans with buyback above 11,5%. This might be the reason, but I am still quite happy with it.

I adjusted my auto-invest a bit and now it is finding a lot of more to invest with an interest-rate of 11%. Just keep investing and paying the saving rate onto it ?

DoFinance: 10,22 Euro / 9,70%

The interest-rate is the same, but the amount gets bigger every month. This is mainly because of the re-investment of my income. Currently DoFinance shows a message, that there are no new loans available to invest in.

They are working on that “problem”. Of course I will keep my money there and invest it into the new loans, as soon as they are available.

Debitum Network: 3,53 Euro / 6,70%

It is the first month, where the interest income more or less hit the expectations. It is just around 6 cents, which are not current. Seems like everything is running smoothly at Debitum Network.

Additionally they are offering a Cashback in December, if you invest a minimum of 100 EUR. Therefor you will receive 5 EURO and additionally 2% for the first 90 days. This is quite a big deal I think, especially if you have not invested into Debitum Network until now.

Ibanwallet: 0,90 Euro / 1,7%

Well, somehow this P2P platform drives me. Either crazy or mad! Still I think the business model behind it is a great idea. But as I wrote with them some times, the answers are exactly what is written on their page – nothing more.

The idea of getting more transparency into their products is just mine. That is okay, but for me I will not invest more money into it, as I can not rate the risk in a better way currently.

What is coming up in December?

I guess not that much. My first work is really challenging in December. Therefore I have not planned that much for December, as I will be busy with other things. My Christmas holidays will come in mid of January, when I will visit Malaysia for the first time.

Lars once mentioned, that he is trying to visit three new countries every year. I adopted it and in the last two years I was able to match the goal. Malaysia will be the first new one in 2020. During the year there is also Slovakia planned. Until now I do not know about the third one, but I will take the chance, when it comes around.

What are your plans for 2020?

Currently I am still working on my vision. It is not about having the vision, but more to get it rated in numbers. For example financial freedom is a good goal, but it is bullshit, as long as you do not write the number behind it. How many Euros is you financial freedom?

Do you already have plans for your 2020? Let’s talk about them and if you like, let’s share them here. I am really excited about them.

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