Passive income investments

Passive income investments with less time and more success

Passive income investments sound like a dream, which will not be able to come true. But I think it works, if you are able to cope with the circumstances of it. Usually investing comes along with the intention of flashing red and green candlesticks on live-charts for 24 hours a day. Read more

P2P lending with real estate to diversify the portfolio

Why investing in real estate via P2P lending might be a good idea!

A lot of my former school mates and friends always wanted to buy an own home to live in. Many of them called it an “investment into the future” – mostly because they do not have to a rent, when they are old. Read more

View at the Baldeney lake

#PAR03 Passive Income Report September 2019

September is over and I was willing to report about it. After I had two very nice feedback on my last report #PAR2 I decided to publish it by mid of the next month.

I am currently not able to invest millions of Euros into P2P, so it is quite interesting to figure out what to do to increase my passive income. And therefore I have to think about it some days. Read more