Hi there, I am Tobias, born in 1980 and so aged 38. I studied economics with a focus on corporate finance. Usually I wanted to focus on logistics, but the course was canceled because of low participation.

Today I work in a logistics department of a big European retailer with lots of joy.  Additionally, I found my passion for financial things within study.

Since ever I did something additional beside my main job. In the beginning it was a organizing LAN-parties, afterwards setting up an online-shop and several websites I am now into writing and ghostwriting.

Financial Freedom

Years passed by and my focus changed from “working for money” to “let the money work for me” – my vision of financial independence began and grew.

My first experiences with p2p lending are dated in 2016. I was fortunately influenced by books like “the richest man in Babylon” from Georg Clason. So my idea of passive income was born and I started with working on my financial setup. And one of the first steps was to invest in p2p lending as well as dividend shares. Since 2019 I am focusing on my way to financial freedom.

The world is mine

Until 2016 I lived a more or less an usual life. Noticing about that I tried to increase learnings and new experiences. An African proverb says:

“if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”!

And I wanted and still want to go far. I joined the Citizen Circle, which is a community of people living their life near the digital nomad style. Seeking for independence, freedom and breaking social barriers became my main focus until today.

I found out about my preference for traveling and experience new things abroad. My goal is to visit minimum three new countries per year. The past journeys I made were valuable in so many ways. I cannot imagine stopping this.

Where do I come from?

Geographically I am living in the western part of Germany with my family. I grew up in the north and lived in Hamburg for several years. Presumably the wind and the shore made me wanting to live in freedom independent of anything else.

As a kid I went out for fishing and sold it to my neighbors, which was probably more a favor from them as less a business. But, I did something not everyone was doing. This accompanied me throughout my school, my studies and my working life.

Where do I want to go to?

Several times I was asked where I get all the time from, to work on those projects. I think it is a matter of focus and with this p2p project I want to focus on my financial freedom. Back in school I wrote in every friends book, that I want to live from the interest of my assets by the age to 45. So, there are 6,5 years to go and you are invited to join me on my journey.

Big goals in financial things

Nowadays the chances of building something on your own are magnificent. In my eyes it is my duty to take this chance. Just one hour per day will bring you 365 extra-hours per year, which is about 2 months of full-time work.

And without any doubt people with 14 months per year will reach their goals faster than the average. This it what drives me. And this is exactly my motivation:  Not being the average!

Join me, judge me and coach me

I am very thankful for everyone joining me on my way. In fact my intention is definitely not, to show up. My family, my job, my home – this is mainly average, and I am cool with it.

But I believe, that anyone can reach financial freedom, as long as he is willing to invest a little bit more of everything into it. So I just want to show you the way as a living example.

If you want to join and follow me, please check my profiles: