Crypto Lending with Celsius Network

Keep my cryptos working with Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a network, where your cryptos are lent to others and you receive an interest income. Am I aware of your attention? Great, because this blogpost is not about earning money with crypto trading.

I want to tell you my own story about it and my experiences. I do not own loads of cryptos, but there are some in my wallet. So, let’s get started with my idea about earning interest income with those crypto coins. Read more

Enjoying my P2P interst at a sunset in Langkawi

#PAR07 Passive Income Report January 2020

The first month of 2020 is over. And there was quite a lot happening in P2P lending business. Kuetzal is called scam and broke down, as well as envestio did. Both P2P lending platforms went apart and you are no longer able to invest. Unfortunately the first losses are reported. Until now there were just a few losses concerning separate loans. But now it looks like as if two platforms are not able to refund the invested sums of their investors. Read more

peer tp peer lending sites ranking

Best peer to peer lending sites – My personal P2P ranking (Update 02.02.20)

Welcome to the P2P Platform Rating 2020. The first version was released in 2019 and has already helped you a lot. Since I announced an update relatively quickly based on your feedback, I received several emails over 2019 asking when it would be released. Now the time has come.

Please note as usual and here especially: The rating is based on my experiences, estimations and research. There is no claim to completeness. As always I am therefore dependent on your cooperation! Read more