Smart Financial Goals

How to find smart financial goals to be 100% achieved

Today I would like to talk about smart financial goals. “Smart” is always the meaning of a clever and thoughtful way to achieve something. As a lot of people, also including me, fail to achieve their financial goals, I wanted to change it for my perspective some time ago. Now it is the time to plan again for 2021 in a detailled way, wherefore I was researching the web again for content. I want to present you, what I have found and in which way it affected my goal planning. Read more

Passive Income Report November

#PAR13 Passive Income Report November 2020

Welcome to my newest update of my passive income. For those of you being invested in stocks the period should have been quite successful. Watching several people on Instagram with their months statements their portfolio grow by 10% to 18%. Incredible! My personal growth rate in stocks was just about 9%, which is compared to the rest of the year quite okay. I am closing the distance to the market performance, which is my main target. Read more

How I will make my 5 year goals work

5 Year Goals: Where to do you see yourself in five years?

Do you have 5 year goals? As you know I really like the idea of making goals and planning to achieve them. After my passive income report of October I once took out my plans for 2020. They are written down in a small book which I use to make notes over the year. So, whatever 2020 made with this world, I have to check my goals for this year. And one of the very huge goals was to generate a passive income stream of 250 Euro from capital income.

I failed, to be honest. Read more

#12 Income Report-20

#PAR12 Passive Income Report Aug – Oct 2020

Today we are starting into the last 61 days of 2020. And it seems like those days might get quite hot as the Coronavirus is back in Europe. Here in Germany there will be a so called “Lockdown Light” from tomorrow. It mainly differs from the on in March/April by the fact, that kindergardens and schools will be kept open. Read more

Financial life planning

How to use financial life planning to avoid relying on others

Currently I am working on my financial life planning. Since several weeks I try to understand the FIRE-principal in a deeper way than before. As I am not made for living my life mostly frugal with a savings rate abover 50%, I am working on the different aspects of this principal to be implemented in my financial life. Read more