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#PAR10 Passive Income Report April + May 2020

Yes, I am still alive. Maybe you remember me from my last income report from March. Since then a lot happend. But I am not here to make any excuses. So let’s start with my income report. As two months have gone by I report them together, but each mentioned itself. Therefore it will be just one report. Read more

Keep rolling - it is never too late

#PAR09 Passive Income Report March 2020

„Tough times“ – this is what I hear quite often at the moment. And yes, I guess those times are really tough. Especially for those people, who are directly influenced by the coronavirus. And I mean “directly” as a direction and not just a simple excuse for everything. Elderly people, sick people and of course those, who are belonging to the high-risk groups. Read more

Coronavirus Crisis in P2P lending

How is P2P lending facing the Coronavirus crisis?

A few weeks ago the world seemed normal and the Coronavirus was just something far away. I myself was still in Malaysia at the end of January. Every weekend I did sports and ran. Strength training, endurance training and above all I paid attention to my diet.

And what is going on now? Read more

Missing pieces in my puzzle to financial freedom

#PAR08 Passive Income Report February 2020

What a wild ride nowadays. Everything I planned for my private life the last weeks since I returned from Asia was more or less nothing more than a thought. I was not really able to find grit for working, as I was (and I am still) very busy with organizing things around the behavior of our company regarding the coronavirus.

And to be honest: I am really not happy with this situation. What I am currently doing is not very clever and not very healthy as well. Writing this down is just like a big slap, which I have not noticed until now. But I have, so it is just another slap in the face. Read more

Why Corona might be a chance for your p2p investments

Corona is not the end – it might be a chance for your P2P investments

For two weeks now no one is talking about P2P investments. Everything and everyone here in Germany has been revolving around Corona. The virus that dominates the media is ravaging Europe. It’s dangerous for everyone. And if you feel young and fit, you have parents or grandparents for whom the virus can be dangerous.

I joined our company task force two weeks ago. Together with a colleague, it is my job to assess the risk. And if we can identify and describe a risk, we should find a way to minimize this risk. Both for us as a company and for us as employees and colleagues. Read more