#12 Income Report-20

#PAR12 Passive Income Report Aug – Oct 2020

Today we are starting into the last 61 days of 2020. And it seems like those days might get quite hot as the Coronavirus is back in Europe. Here in Germany there will be a so called “Lockdown Light” from tomorrow. It mainly differs from the on in March/April by the fact, that kindergardens and schools will be kept open.

In spring this time was quite struggling for me. I allowed the media to take control of my mind. The first thing I checked every day were the news about Corona, which had a influence on my mood and my priorities for the rest of the day. Also I always tried to find the chances, today I am able to say, I was quite stressed and pissed. This is something what will not happen again.

Just the other day I had a call with a friend of mine. He mentioned talking about the upcoming restrictions: “Well, in the morning I am looking out of the window. There are no tanks in the street, no nuclear bombings and also corpses dont pile up in the streets – so it looks quite okay!”. Maybe this is a little bit too much, I really liked the idea of starting the day an “Everything is okay” and not with the news about Corona.

Let’s get back to my focus: incomeproducing investments

As every month I make my Income Report. Over the last months I did not do it, so today I will put three months together. Here you will see July to October added to my overview.

Since May the passive income decreases. Beside several problems on the lending platforms I additionally made the decision to shift money from Mintos to other accounts like Bondora. The reason therefore was a huge overweight of Mintos. It has nothing to do wie their current topic of covering the overdue-loans. I still trust Mintos and dont see any necessarity to end my investment here. But concerning those coverings it took a long time to receive the money from the account and is still ongoing. So it s some kind of selfmade problem here for me.

September was that big in numbers as 50% of my investments at Bulkestate ended and I was paid the interest. After one year being investor at Bulkestate my personal interest rate 9,26%. BUT there is one project struggling since March due to covid, where some interest payments are still not paid.

Financial Part of the Income Report

As everytime I will check every P2P platform and write some sentences about them. Due to my High Yield Experiment there are more P2P platforms to come in the future. If you havent read about it, you might be interested in this inital blogpost about it here or the review of Bondster and Reinvest24.

Mintos still with the biggest income stream

In August it was 47,25 €in September 33,07 € and in October 34,50 € of income from Mintos. The decreasing trend is due to the shift of money, wherefrom about 1.000 € already moved to Bondora Go & Grow.

If you follow the P2P news and comments on communities, there is currently especially one topic dominating: Mintos and their “problem” with covering overdue loans. Sometimes those loans originators with problems are called Mogo, Varks or Finko. For me there is a more important thing: Mintos is still running and paying passive income to me.

There is a quite interesting interview from Lars passives-einkommen-mit-p2p.de with Mintos CEO Martins Sulte. Please get an idea of the content and make yourself your own opinion about whether Mintos is still an investment for your or not. In my case Martins is able to find good reasons and has a lot of engagement for his investors questions and fears. I would love to see such an open communication from more platforms.

DoFinance with a problem to cover their loans

During the pandemic in March and April I often critized DoFinance for the non-communication. Still there is not really anything which might be interesting for investors. While the platform had no new loans to invests it didnt made any sense to invest more here.

As you can see in my overview DoFinance dropped from around 10 € income to now maybe 1,50€ to 2,00€. My investment with 12% alread ended in August and now I am awaiting to receive my money back into my investors account. And this really annoys me. It is just like dropping water in the Sahara. From time to time loans are covered or repaid. Until now I just received about 20% of my investment back.

Things are like they are, so I will not complain. In their webinar they reported about having problems with their loans, which is okay for me. But since then there was no more communication and I dont have an idea, whether DoFinance will still stay in P2P lending. It seems like they want to repay all loans with the next maybe years. But let’s see what will happen the next months.

Bulkestate with massive payments

Last year I started my investment at Bulkestate. As most of their loans pay the interest and the end of the term, it was payday in August. Overall five projects ended and were roughly paid in time. From two the money came a bit late, but I received a late-payment-fee as well. So everything is fine. After one year my interest at Bulkestate is rougly 9,3%.

This is a difference to their around 14% yield displayed on their page. Due to the struggles in the beginning of this year, some projects had to stop or were stopped and therefore were not able to pay the money back. I already wrote, that Bulkestate will take court actions soon, but due to some new laws caused by the Coronavirus, the time-lag to investigate is bigger and it will take more time.

Robocash with a low performance

While the interest in August was still okay, it went down to 0,18 € in September and just 0,07 € in October. This looks like a share increasing like Tesla and dropping down again to a pennystock. I do not really know what to think about Robocash. Since April the performance was great and overdue interest and loans were repaid. But no it is another drop, which is not really logical to me.

What makes me happy is the fact, that Robocash published financial figures and statements for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The will bring trust to the platform and shows, that a lot of rumors are not linked to reality. You will them here: Robocash Group releases the financial statements for 2017-2019

Additionally the blogposts and topics are worth reading them. So, I feel like Robocash wants to make less mistakes as in the past and try to establish a lot of trust with their investors. I really like this trend and therefore will of course stay invested. You will find the review of Robocash here.

Debitum with huge payments and a new strategy

Over the last three months Debitum paid always a bit more, than expected. In their download-able statement of your account you always see the figure of what to expect and what was really paid. Receiving more than expected is great and a sign of a running system. Additionally their CEO Martins told in an interview about their future plans and how Debitum faced the Coronavirus time. He does not report anything from an untypical high bankrun or any problems with their loan originators.

But last month there was a message from Debitum, which again caused some rumors. Debitum is raising the minimum invest from 10 € to 50 € per loan. The reason behind this raise is quite simple: As every loan costs time and fees to the Debitum-team, they try to reduce this factor to use the new free-time to improve the platform and expand. For me as an investor this step is okay, but also brings a problem to my diversification. For example with an investment of 500 € as it is in my case, the diversification bounces from 50 to just 10 loans I am able to invest in. So I either have to increase my investment here for more diversification or skip it. As already written before, I will increase my investment the next months.

Bondora Go and Grow with a steady income

During the third quartile I made something like a No-Spend-Challenge to my Bondora Go and Grow account. That means, that I transferred all of my savings to the account. And it was quite a lot 🙂 By the beginning of October the account grew to a bit more than 1.000 €, which is about 0,20 € interest per day.

As you know I want to increase my investment here. The total sum should grow to the same as Mintos. Afterwards I would grow them the same way with the same amount. I guess, there is nothing more to say here.

Twino starting off to become another stable basic pillar

Maybe you remember that I started my invest at Twino again. I have an idea of growing the amount there, but it will take some time. I would like to grow Twino to one of the four basis pillars in my P2P portfolio. As Mintos and Bondora already have some amounts, I have to focus on Twino even more the next months. The target is to reach the 5k by the mid of 2021.

Why am I that strict to myself? Well, I think testing new platforms is always a great idea. But just as you have it with shares on the stock markets, you should always overweight them you rely in. And currently this is not the case in my portfolio.

Another month, another chance

So here were are, dear November. Especially for me this is a great month, as I am celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. No matter what the Coronavirus does, I will celebrate it with my kids and my wife – so the usual guestlist as always.

From Monday on Germany is again in some kind of Lockdown due to the raising Corona-cases. This does not really influence me and my life, as I am quite lucky to have a job and still go for it during that time. Additionally we are more or less “winners” of those lockdowns and the rest of these wired times.

For me this time will be very tough again. I dont know exactly the “why”, but in the beginning of this year this lockdown-time really put me into struggle. I was working in the Corona-Taskforce in our company and therefore I was always up to date. Up to date from media sources which are still reporting a lot of bullshit in my eyes. I guess this was the problem, as I allowed those sources to influence me. This is something I REALLY WANT TO AVOID another time. I do not want to struggle that much again.

Focus on whatever is good for me

If you read my posts this year and also from last year there were two huge topics: Focus and Discipline. I think I really improved in both of them through reading and doing. I am not where I want to be (and planned to be), but I moved somehow forward. So using those additional skills in November and December will be my main focus. As I was expecting this lockdown-times during my holidays in October, I already prepared myself to protect against the media and really focus on my stuff.

So here are my goals for November:

  • #1 Invest at least 1.000 EUR
  • #2 Study an IG-course, as I want to increase the quality of my content and design
  • #3 Track my macros during all days & run at least 200km

I mentioned it before, but today I often feel like in the wrong place. What I am currently doing in my life does not feel that right, as I want it to be right. I cannot really tell you, what I mean. It is a feeling and I am still figuring out, where it comes from. But I know, that the last 6-7 months do not lead to a change. Therefore I need to make a change and work on my other stuff, than until now. I want to improve my skills and work with them to work on an alternative to today.

No worry, I am still happy with my wife and also with my job, but especially my sidebusiness and the things and work I am doing here is something I really have to improve and focus on. I mean, I was often told to specialize on things and improve my skills to sharpen the focus. So why not do it during lockdown-times, when I already fucked up the other 7 months of this year?

What are your plans and goals for November? Drop me a message or a comment below.

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