P2P Income Report 07/21

Income Report July 2021 – Changing the perspective

It has been a while since I published my last income report. Due to the overall inactivity and some more things I missed it. But my investments are still running and generating some cash. In March there have been some changes in my life, which I should have known better and expected them more. Combined with a lack of self-confidence I made some wrong decisons in my priorities but also my financial stuff.

One really important thing for me was the cognition that it is not about what I have (or not have) but about what my investments pay me. I mean I working on this blog since nearly two years now and always try to show a picture of someone focussing on cashflow. But did I really do that? Maybe, maybe not. I do not know. But when March went by I got the feeling I was doing something maybe not wrong, but not the way I really wanted it to go.

Changing the perspective

Until now I focussed on saving as much money as possible and spread it amongst several P2P platforms. This will not change, but I adjusted the focus over the last weeks. Therefore I asked myself, what is my priority? And the answer is pretty easy: Generate additional income! Just like I wrote it some weeks ago, when I tried to show you the way of creating multiple income streams in your portfolio.

For the next quartile I set the target to generate 100 EUR more of passive income from P2P lending. As you maybe remember I am diversifying my portfolio with about 25-30% into P2P lending. The other 70% are going into dividend shares and my ETF strategy which is also focussing on additional income.

The idea behind the mindset shift is to focus on the income perspective. Therefore I took four platforms, which I want to grow up to a passive income stream of 25 EUR per month each:

And this is what I want to focus on in this new income report for July2021. Of course I will not stop to report (and invest) about the other platforms, but my focus for the next quartile is to grow those platforms more intenssively.

Bondster’s current status: 16,68%

The czech platform Bondster was in my last high interest experiment. I deposited investment up to 500 EUR, which paid mit 4,17 EUR last month. This is nearly 17% of my target.

In my account it says that my personal interest rate is at 14,4%. This does not met with my internal calculation, whereas I am at 9,82% currently. But let’s watch those two numbersย  run the next months and find out, which is more correct.

To reach my goal I calculated a target of 3.000 EUR. At my calulcated interest rate this would mean to receive 25 EUR per month. If the interest rate changes (and is higher than currently), I will stop investing as soon as I hit the target of 25 EUR/month two times in a row.

Bondora’s current status: 13,32%

Without any doubt this P2P investment will take most of my time and my money. With their 6,75% interest rate Bondora Go and Grow seems pretty low – but incredibly constant. Therefore I chose to put them into my first overview of P2P platforms to hit the 25 EUR/month.

A total of 4,444,44 EUR is required to receive 25 EUR of passive income per month. Currently I am having an income cashflow of 3,33 EUR month, which is a current status of 13,5% of my target.

Bondora is still “working” with their 400 EUR per month investment cut. That means that I will be only able to scale this platform up to about 2.500 EUR this year. And it will probably take me another five months until May 2022 to reach that goal. That’s okay for me, but something I have to keep in mind.

Reinvest24’s current status: 23,07%

Reinvest24 was also in my high yield experiment. And I really like the platform, also their portfolio seems pretty small. There are some investments in Estonia and some more in Moldova – compared to EstateGuru this is a small number of investment opportunities. But the niche they are serving is very interesting for me as a income-focussed investor.

My current income stream is somewhere below 6 EUR, meaning that there another 19 EUR per month “missing” to hit my goal. Internally I am calculating with an interest rate of 8,2%. That means I need to grow this P2P lending platform up to 3.600 EUR to receive my 25 EUR/month cashflow.

Robocash’s current status: 44,36%

This P2P platform made its way through 2020 and 2021 so far. Excellent for investors! In the beginning of 2020 I was a bit scared as the incomeflow went down, but there had been some changes in their system. Maybe Robocash could have communicated more about it – or I should have asked more. But as a pretty lazy investor I only saw the incomeflow dropping.

Meanwhile their reports show pretty impressive numbers and the Robocash Group is doing well. The same happend with my investors account. Some months ago I increased my deposit, which makes Robocash one of the most biggest “income sources” every month.

Last month I received 11,09 EUR, which is nearly halfway to my goal. The interest rate is calculated with 11,13% in their system, which meets my internal calulation. Therefore I need an investment of about 2.700 EUR to hit my goal.

And what about the rest?

Those four platforms are my first part of focussing more on income. After reaching my targets here I will take another set of platforms into my focus. As I already mentioned this should help myself to point out what is important for me now. It has nothing to do with the P2P platforms themselves.

Still there are a lot of other platforms, who pay an interest every month. Depending on my income I will also make smaller investments here, but the focus should be on those for and reaching the investment goal as soon as possible.

Is there any idea about when this will be reality? Nope, not really. I will try to do my very best and concentrate my investment on those four platforms every month – whatever that might mean in the future!

I guess you will read about it here ๐Ÿ™‚

P2P platforms to mention

Beside those let’s call them temporary focus platform of course the other platforms are also paying some interest. I will list them here including their internal (my personal) interest rate:

DoFinance: 1,81 %

Please leave me alone with this one. DoFinance changed their model without any word to investors and I am still waiting my whole investment to be repaid (ca. 80% remaining) since the end of the investment period in July 2020. That is the risk of P2P lending, but slowly the money is coming back.

Debitum Network: 6,32%

Constantly running – no complains here. The interest rate could be higher and differs from their official one, but there is always a share of monthly payments which is overdue and taken into the next month.

Happy to be here and convinced to stay as an investor. Debitum will be probably one of my next focus platforms within the next step of scaling them to 25 EUR/month.

viainvest: 10,86%

Had soem cashdrag “problems” over the last month, when I increased my investment here. But that is okay and already known from the years before. Therefore still happy and nothing to complain about.

Twino: 9,08%

Same same as with viainvest. Some cashdrag problems and personally for me I forgot to fill out my sheet for their registrational stuff as a platform.

Internally the platform says 9,08%. In July there some late payments, wherefore the interest payment is “bigger” than it seems on a year to date scale.

Bulkestate: Idk%

Bulkestate – I stopped investing here for the simple reason of some overdue projects. The platform communicates a lot about their Covid-19-issues from last year, whereas some project went into trouble. Just last month one of the bigger issues was solved.

When things get clearer AND I am done with my investment on Reinvest24 I might increase my portfolio here again. Until then new deposits are paused for me here.

What is up for me next month?

This kind of “system” will help me a lot to increase my monthly passive income. I am pretty happy to have it and I am not able to focus on incomeproducing stuff.

After my holidays in Denmark and Sweden I am also very thankful to return back into my structured life. During the first part of my holidays I was able to keep up with my daily routines but a lack of internet and some personal stuff made it very difficult the last two weeks.

Now I am happy to get things going again the “old way” hoping the kids will be able to stay in school over the next year. My son has never had a full year of school in school since he first came there. That is pretty bad in my eyes, but we will see what will happen.

So, reaching “usual business” again is the main target for August ๐Ÿ™‚

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