High Yield P2P Investing Experiment

Let’s have a P2P High Yield Experiment :)

Have you ever thought about P2P high yield investing in your own portfolio?

Recently I stumbled across a post on Instagram about that I found very exciting. I have been following the Instagram channel for quite some time and so I knew that he was invested in both stocks and P2P lending. This post was not about growth, diversification or value. It was about a limited number of stocks for a high yield portfolio. So first and foremost, it was a focus on cash flow.

So far, my portfolio has a lot of diversified shares. I don’t miss a P2P high yield area, but I was wondering why I shouldn’t just do the experiment? More cash flow ultimately means more income, even though the risk is naturally higher.

Why not just do it?

I honestly couldn’t think of any reasons at this point. If I can save a little bit more, why shouldn’t I just give it a try? Especially the allocation to four shares and one ETF – that is diversified again.

However, and this was my next thought, this should also work as a P2P hight yield investment. If I chose four high-yield P2P platforms, that wouldn’t be the biggest hurdle. When it comes to mapping the ETF in the P2P area, it will be a little more difficult, but even that shouldn’t be impossible. I already had an idea for this.

And here are the rules for my personal P2P high yield investing:

  • #1 monthly 50 Euro saving amount
  • #2 Split up into 4 P2P platforms with at least 10%
  • #3 Find a “P2P ETF”, if possible with at least 8% return
  • #4 It has to be P2P platform where I am able to invest

For the platforms, there must be some on which I have not yet invested. And there should be some that interest you. So I decided to let you vote on which P2P platforms I should gain experience on next.

Please note: It is my experiment and nothing serious!

When it comes to investing, a lot of people try to copy others. After things are not turning out as they thought, they try to blame anyone for their bad result. Please note, that this is my own experiment. I want to have a try. And I want you to ask questions which I will try to answer inbetween the time.

BUT this is no call to action! Please do your own research and your own experiement on your own responsibility.

The Voting is over, the experimant will start

Since the end of August the voting is over. You guys decided that the following P2P platforms will take place in my P2P High Yield Experiment.


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Current standings of my experiment-poll Until tonight you will be able to take part in my poll. I am searching for four platforms who will enter my personal “High Yield Experiment” from September on. Currently the @bondster_p2p @reinvest24 @nibbl_e and @viainvestp2p are leading. So if you want me to make experiences with one of the other platforms, please vote – as well as you should vote for the four above if you want to see them in my experience. I am quite excited about the tonights final table. If you have any questions about the experiment or havent heard until from it, just click the link in my bio and read the latest blogpost. #p2plending #experiment #highyield #passiveincome #passiveincomestream #p2pchallenge

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tobias | P2P Investor ? (@p2p_lending_at_its_best) am

So far I am not invested on any of those platforms. But I will – very soon!

The start of my P2P High Yield Experiment

So, with the beginning of October I will start my experiment. At first I will give you a short introduction of each platform in advance. Further I will try to get someone of the P2P platform for an interview to give you some more insights from the company itself.

I will cut this experiment latest after the P2P Conference next year in 2021. There or shortly after I will decide what to do with those investents. Until than every platform will receive 50 Euro per month for investing. As the minimum investment at Reinvest ist 100 Euro I will start with this sum here and just transfer the money every two month. In June 2021 there will be about 500 Euro per platform invested and I will have th experience of nine months to rate those platforms a big more than currently. But that is the idea behind this experiment – passive income and experiences!

Furthermore I will report my standings an my figures every month within my usual P2P lending report. There will be an extra section for this experiment, where you can see my investments and their yield.

Let’ s have a good start – whoever wants to join me is warmly invited!

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