P2P News CW 18: Hoovi joins Income Marketplace

CW 18 – Top #3 P2P News: Hoovi joins Income, Debitum’s Update on Ukraine and Mintos Notes starts in May

Hoovi is a new loan originator at Income Marketplace. Do not forget to adjust your investment strategy. Furthermore Debitum gives an interesting update on their war-affected loans from ChainFinance in Ukraine. And last but not least Mintos starts their Notes on 25th of May.

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Income Report 02-2022

Income Report April 2022

April is over and everything is moving into May. It looks like this year spring and summer will come around again, also the whole world is acting crazy. This is the most important time to keep on my pace and work on my goals while everyone is trying to clarify the rest of the world. Go for it – I will on my own.

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P2P News CW 17: Moldova Update from Reinvest24

CW 17 – Top #3 P2P News: Moldova Update from Reinvest24, EstateGuru expansion and Mintos recovery from Russian loans

Moldova-Update from Reinvest24 – interesting insights and a good wrap-up of the current situation. Furthermore todays news are about the expansion of EstateGuru to GER and UK as well as a opportunity for Mintos to receive money from Russian loans.

Welcome to my latest P2P News.

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13 Lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad

13 Critical Lessons from “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Are there lessons from “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Money – Master The Game” or “The Richest Man inBabylon”?

I doubted that back in 2015. That year I had my personal financial breakdown. Some things did not really worked the way I wanted them. And I was not even able to correct it. So I crashed right against a wall and dumbed my finances. Read more


CW 16 – Top #3 P2P News: Peerberry strong, Global volume drops and Robocash reports 1.5MUSD revenue in Q1

Robocash revenue at 1.5MUSD in Q1-2022 – sounds bad, but probably is not. After publishing their numbers from Q1-2022 Robocash investors should have a strong sign for the future. While the RUS and UA business drops, loans from the Philippines increase while Kazhakstan is still the leader in their portfolio. Welcome to my latest P2P News. Read more