how to have multiple income streams

How to have multiple income streams with diversified investments

How to have multiple income streams? This is a question you will find a lot of answers on the internet. Especially when you search for it on Youtube. Just type it in, click to some videos and wait what the advertisement algorithm will show you. Read more

Game Plan For a New Week

Game Plan CW 25: Learning to say “no”

Welcome to another week. Today I want to give you a short overview of what will be important for me this week. But before starting off I would like to shortly talk about one point: Your pension! Read more

Active income vs. passive income

Active Income vs. Passive Income OR Make Money to Make More Money

Passive Income is one of the buzzwords of the last years. Everyone is talking about it. Opinions could not differ more on that topic. While there are a lot of people “praying” to built passive income streams others are doubting that passive income exists. Read more


GamePlan CW 22: The first days are gone…

Last week I started again with writing my weekly GamePlan. In CW 21 I plannend to reach the following goals: Read more


GamePlan CW 21: Restart

My last GamePlan is from calender week 11, which is exactly 10 weeks ago. And it has also been my last blogpost here. Unfortunately! Read more