doing good with money

7 signs you are doing good with money

“Doing good with money” is something we usually do not talk about here in Germany. Maybe your partner or really good friends. But we are not used to talking about money with strangers or in public unless we are the CEO of company or a politican. I can not really tell you why it is like that. Maybe we are scared that others are jealous? Or we do not feel comfortable with it as we try to compare with others? Read more


GamePlan CW 6: First things first

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new episode of my Gameplan. It is monday morning and we are all starting off into a new week. But first let’s go back to my last weeks goals.  Read more

P2P Income Report

#PAR15 Passive Income Report January 2021

Have you already read my last weeks blogpost about Real Estate Lending? It was a blogpost influenced by the finfellas event on 28th/29th of January, where a lot of experts where talking about real estate and its future. Here in Germany you sometimes hear the argument “Well, the population is getting smaller, so why do built another house?”. Those voices are still pretty small at the moment, but I guess they will come up soon. Read more


GamePlan CW5: Divide your goals by 30

Good morning and welcome to another great week. So what happened since my day one last week? Believe it or not, but it felt very good. I was more focused on doing my stuff and not allowing others things to take in influence on me – also they of course did. But the less they do, the better for me. Read more

Real Estate Lending

3 ways to invest into Real Estate Lending in 2021

Real Estate Lending is especially know as buying your own flat or apartment. When talking about it there is often the so-called-advantage that buying real estate will lead to more freedom when people get old. Until today I am personally not convinced of that as I mainly see several disadvantages. But not buying my own property does not mean I do not want to invest into real estate. As you know I love to diversify, which is also the case for real estate lending. Read more