Passive Income Report November 2019

#PAR05 Passive Income Report November 2019

The end is coming. But every end is another start of something new, so I am really looking for this end to come. My November was quite full with things concerning the next year. I decided to end up with several clients.

The main reason therefore was the big problem of selling time, which I do not want to focus on. I would like to work in projects, which have more interesting topics (for me personally) and are not depending on the time in spent therefore. So I am really happy with the workload for the next year. Read more

Change the way think

Change the way you think – a short recap of six months as a blogger!

Change the way you think – what a short sentence and what a big impact to me. On 5th of May I published the first post here my blog. So it is more or less a kind of birthday I am celebrating today. The way is still far to go, but I am quite pleased to reach this first milestone. For me personally today is a good day, because I am able to write about something I reached: six months of blogging as a financial blogger! Read more

Planning my weeks in 90 day sprints

#PAR04 Passive Income Report October 2019

Another month has gone and we are heading to the end of the year quite fast. Weather gets shitty, streets are filled because no one wants to go on holidays at that time and christmas business everywhere. First Black Friday, afterwards Cyber Monday and then the “usual” advertisements for Christmas.

This is maybe good for the companies I have shares from and maybe also for P2P lending as a lot of new loans are made to finance the wishes from the next years today – but do we really need that time? Read more

View at the Baldeney lake

#PAR03 Passive Income Report September 2019

September is over and I was willing to report about it. After I had two very nice feedback on my last report #PAR2 I decided to publish it by mid of the next month.

I am currently not able to invest millions of Euros into P2P, so it is quite interesting to figure out what to do to increase my passive income. And therefore I have to think about it some days. Read more

Canoeing in Sweden

#PAR02 Passive Income Report August 2019

Meanwhile September is over by almost a third, so I really have to set up my report from August. As I mentioned I had three weeks off in August and went two weeks on holidays in Norway and Sweden.

It was very nice and the scandinavian weather was very kind with us. But beside reading some books nothing worked out for me, as I planned to do some new things during the holidays. Read more