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#PAR15 Passive Income Report January 2021

Have you already read my last weeks blogpost about Real Estate Lending? It was a blogpost influenced by the finfellas event on 28th/29th of January, where a lot of experts where talking about real estate and its future. Here in Germany you sometimes hear the argument “Well, the population is getting smaller, so why do built another house?”. Those voices are still pretty small at the moment, but I guess they will come up soon.

I saw three out of four panels on the event. Any of those was worth the time to watch it, also the topics where from different viewpoints. Additionally the guests had their own opinion, which was really nice to hear. It was again a moment where I realized, that real estate is not just real estate. There are a lot of ways how to handle it AND invest into it! During the last week I had several calls with new people out of this event and I enjoyed them. It will not make me invest more into real estate, but be able to diversify more in this field.

But let’s get to the topic of today: The income report from January 2021! As you know my overall target in 2021 is to generate 1.000 € of passive income including P2P interest. In January the income was about 74 €, whichs is the first 7,4% – working on it 🙂 I planned to invest 800 € into P2P lending during January, but failed to be honest. It was just 250 € which is still something, but far away from my plan. The reason? I forgot to write a bill….

P2P lending in February

Already 1/12 of the year is gone. So how was your first month? Are you still on track? For me the month was quite okay. Most of my tasks went quite good, but it was also a hell lot to do at work. Believing in the forecast this will change during February and I hope I will be able to find some time for my projects during leisure time. Additionally we are still in a lockdown here, which makes me being a teacher for about 4 hours per day for my son. Currently we are learning to multiply.

As there will be two bills in February including the one from January I will try to invest 800 € into P2P lending this time. The rest will be paid to my broker to buy ETFs. But to be able to charge the other bill I will still have to do some work. So let’s the 800 € in mind for the next income report.

There will be another finfellas event at the end of February. This time the topic is “Crowdfunding” – it is free, so it might be interesting for you as well!

There is just a small increase of the overall portfolio, as I already mentioned before. But compared to December the income raised to 74 €. So the direction is right, but I have to aim for bigger figures. The compound interest will help me over the year, but still the target is 1.000 € per month and P2P lending should be a growing part of it.

Investments in January

Once again I will show you, what I have invested in during January. There are of course the P2P lending investments, but also everything else. On my Instagram profile people asked me therefore and I would like be transparent. And this is what went into my portfolio during January:

Looks pretty massive, doesnt it? But it could have been more. Especially the ETFs were 125 € each wherefore my overall portfolio raised, but still…you know… there is never enough money to please all of your investment wishes.

Mintos with a new rating

On their blog Mintos announced several news. First of all they want to update their rating, which I like. I mean, Mintos is still critized for their way to handle loan originators and how they are working with investors money. But why? Anyone of us knows that P2P lending is risky. Of course I would never lose hope to see my money again, but those guys are working on it pretty hard. Therefore I will not critize them at all as I am still a happy investor here.

Secondly there were news about old loans, which will be just repaid by 50% to 70% – what a scandal! I mean those 10% interest were guaranteed, right? Uhm, well, they were not? Guys, it is pretty funny to walk around on social media and check the hastags to find out how other investors are behaving. Usually anyone of them should know, that they money is at risk when investing it into P2P lending. Now they are behaving like someone stole their money – heck!

The income from Mintos slightly increase in January which is great. Next month there will be another savingsrate to Mintos, which will let the income grow again. It s about steady and consistent steps and not promising miracles from investing once in a lifetime.

Bondora with a steady return

My Bondora Go and Grow account is filling up further. I still remain the challenge to drop any cent there, which I am able to safe during the month. As all my expenses will come to an end the overall amount per month is decreasing, but there is still something left. For example I booked Netflix for 13 USD per month via Swipe.io. They pay the costs, but I add up another 13 EUR per month on my Bondora savings.

Until the mid of 2021 I would like to hit the 30 EUR income from Bondora per month, which equals 1 EUR per day. Still some way to go and I will have to transfer bigger amounts to it, but it is absolutely doable. What do you think?

Grab you 5 € sign up bonus at Bondora here and register

By the way, I solved the problem about the two accounts. Bondora helped me pretty fast, also I had to close one account again.

Bulkestate with a late repayment

There are some investment at Bulkestate, which are overdue since the mid of 2020. That s the risk, but Baiba from Bulkestate is informing investors about the current situation. Now in February I was repaid a part of one loan. The repayment was scheduled for July 2020, but it feels great to receive some money back.

I will stay invested here as there are still new loans available and the Bulkestate team is doing anything to find solutions for their overdue loans. I talked with Igors at the finfellas event who said, that he sees a lot of potential for further constructional loans at Bulkestate as there will not be huge influences by the Covid-crash last year (his point of view). So let’s hope he will be right.

Robocash & Debitum running like a clock

I am sorry, but there are no (bad) news from those two platforms. At both platforms the income was around 12% in January. When I wrote about some overdue payments in my last report at Debitum, some money was added up this month as late payments.

Robocash looks like they have found their performance level again as my account is steadily generating income from P2P lending. Pretty happy about that. And I m planning to invest more at Debitum and Robocash in the second quartile for 2021.

Twino & viainvest with some cashdrags

I started investing on viainvest within my high yield experiement. Meanwhile to account is at 275 € and starting to earn the first Euros per month. That feels great, also it took quite a long time until my transfer was invested from January. But anything was invested during the month, so there is nothing for me to change.

Grab you 15 € bonus at viainvest here (invest at least 50 €)

The same problems was seen at Twino. I transferred my Corona bonus of 250 EUR to the platform and took nearly one month to get this money working for me. Those moments are called cashdrag – meaning the moment, when you have free money in your account/wallet but no loans to invest in. As long as this time period is less than a month I do not see a problem here. With a growing market those problems will be solved by growth.

Grab your 15 € bonus at Twino here (invest at least 100 €)

DoFinance with an incredible raise

I can not really believe, what my eyes saw while checking my balance at DoFinance: 2,60 EUR interest income. As there are still aournd 900 EUR oustanding since mid of 2020 this incredible payment is an interest rate of 2,9%. This is 9% less than they promised.

Communication is not DoFinance strength. As we are talking money here, my money, the whole rest of my trust is gone meanwhile. Maybe I entered the platform at the wrong moment, but their performance since the mid of 2020 is awful.

Get it on dear February

Honestly, I do not know what to write here. We are still locked down which makes it quite difficult to talk about anything else than work. There is pretty much of it and I really enjoy working, but I am dreaming of running the Alps and laying on the beach, which will still take some time.

My plans for February are pretty simple: Work like hell and earn like hell to invest like hell 🙂

Wishing you the best and take care!

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