GamePlan CW5: Divide your goals by 30

Good morning and welcome to another great week. So what happened since my day one last week? Believe it or not, but it felt very good. I was more focused on doing my stuff and not allowing others things to take in influence on me – also they of course did. But the less they do, the better for me.

On Friday I was moderating a panel at the finfellas event about the security concepts behind P2P platforms. I was pretty excited but my guests made it easy for me to moderate it. It was big fun and I really enjoyed it.

During the weekend I was preparing my goals for February. There had been tiny changes which I had to re-adjust as some external factors changed. And to be honest, I put ways more pressure on my sidebusiness. Executing and not thinking about it – this might be the concept for this new month.

And why I was estonished about the figures I want to achieve in February I was thinking: Hum, maybe it is a bit too much? Maybe I should plan it a bit lower? But I want these things to happen. I mean it is the shortest month of the year, so it will never be easier to outperform a month than now.

Therefore I divided my goals into four pieces. And still, the numbers were quite high for one week. Than I decided to break it down into daily numbers. Maybe you have seen it as a post on social media, when a turnover of 100k is divided by 360 days – there are just 274 dollars or euros left, which you have to achieve per day. That sounds realistic – even more realistic than to plan 100k in one year.

I highly recommend to break down your goals into smaller pieces, which will make them look ways more realistic and understandable. It helped to stay with my February goals and know what to achieve every day.

Goal #1 Find one more big order

My overall goal for February is to save and invest 3k. As the stock market was going wild last week a lot of people are already talking about the next big crash or crises. I do believe there will be sometimes in the future, but currently I really don’t care. For me it is more important to built more grit and get my money to work for me.

As you maybe know I am following a ETF-strategy which is focused on cash-generating ETFs. I would like to invest as much money as possible there to receive more passive income from it. Market timing or finding the right moment to invest is not important for me with this strategy.

Investing money by the beginning of a month is not really the challenge this week. It is more finding a new order to be fulfilled and paid in February to achieve my overall February goal of 3k.

Goal #2 Run 100 km and 1.500 vertical meters

In August or September I would like to conquer the Alps from Germany to Italy. The route will be around 250 km long and take 7-8 days. For me this is a dream and a big point on my bucket list. And of course I want run it.

There had never been a start of my training as I never stopped it. But I have to make more intense workouts like running vertical meters and stop-and-go-trainings. I made myself a plan and added the numbers up to a weekly total of 100 km and 1.500 vertical meters.

Beside all of the training running became a very good moment of losing the corona situation out of sight and just concentrate on the training. It is like a little piece of freedom which I am able to create myself. I guess this is why I never stopped my training  during winter times.

Goal #3 Write 1.000 words every day

One of my challenges in February is to write a book. This should be published by the end this month. Therefore I need to write about 20k words on that topic. I allowed myself one week for correction and getting it in shape to be published.

Those words might not be the big problem, but I have to do some research about the content. Maybe this will take even more time than just writing. Anyway, this “project” has to be done this month.

The one thing what moved me last week

I am a big fan of Andy Frisella. This guy is just awesome, also I do not see any things the way he does. But his fundamental statement about life is absolutely I great and I enjoy reading his mails and listening to his podcast “Real AF”.

He is writing a daily Andygram. On Tuesday the topic was “Do This When You Need Motivation”. And the first two lines were: “ One of the weakest things I ever hear people say is.“I just need a kick in the ass.”” To be honest this was something I was looking for anytime during the last months. I always wanted to  be pushed and keep me accountable. But if you ask yourself the question, who is most interested in your goals, the answer is always YOU.

So also if you find someone holding you accountable, it is you leading him about your goals. He can not have the focus on your goals as you have to have it. Therefore it has to has You versus You and nothing more.

Realizing this does not feel comfortable. But it is a part of the journey to get uncomfortable if you do not aim for average. So if you never heard of Andy Frisella, I highly recommend listening to his podcast REAL AF or subscribe to his Andygram.

Todays last point on my list: My investment of the week!

Honestly I did not had a huge chance to invest since last Thursday when I first started with this series. Therefore there is nothing I might report about this week on financial investments. But there is another thing I invested work into: my work!

During every day we often have the chance to take a softer way or the harder one. When I was thinking about February I sticked to my goals and found a way to make them more realistic for me. And when I took a look at my training next week for example I was like: “Well, you can do a workout for 45 minutes like you did over the last weeks. That is okay, but you could also take the harder way and really crush it”. As I am sitting here and doing this video my legs are hurting a bit – I guess this is the difference I really want to crush it this month.

That’s for this new week. Let s get things rolling and push it to another successful week.

Like this video if I was able to entertain and inform you for a few minutes. And please let me know what you would like to add to this kind of content which will inspire you more. Just write it into the comments.

Have a great weeks and all the best for you!

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