Active income vs. passive income

Active Income vs. Passive Income OR Make Money to Make More Money

Passive Income is one of the buzzwords of the last years. Everyone is talking about it. Opinions could not differ more on that topic. While there are a lot of people “praying” to built passive income streams others are doubting that passive income exists. Read more


GamePlan CW 22: The first days are gone…

Last week I started again with writing my weekly GamePlan. In CW 21 I plannend to reach the following goals: Read more


GamePlan CW 21: Restart

My last GamePlan is from calender week 11, which is exactly 10 weeks ago. And it has also been my last blogpost here. Unfortunately! Read more


GamePlan CW 11: The value of day one

Honestly, I hate to skip things and than continue with them later on. But the last two weeks I had a lot of excuses to not work on my GamePlan and unfortunately I allowed them to win. Starting all over again with this “no matter what”. Read more

Financial Health

Why working on your Financial Health matters for the rest of your life!

Today I want to about our financial health as it is a topic which influenced my life over the last years dramatically. I am not here to tell you how to do it. When I found out how financial health influenced my life, it was an eyeopener for me. Read more