#PAR11 Passive Income Report June 2020

Welcome to my new passive income report. It is already July. So it is time to publish my income report from the last month. There are not many things going on in my personal P2P world. But if you take a wider range, there are quite some things happening, which might be interesting.

But first let’s have a look at my portfolio. The total volume increased just a bit by about 500 Euro over the whole month. Therefore the passive income did not really increased. Compared to the last report it decreased. But this is mainly because of a small drop at Mintos and Robo.Cash. Both P2P platforms were able to pay overdue payments the last month, whereas this is not really a drop.

Getting things sorted in June

Honestly I do not really care about the coronavirus crisis. As you maybe remember I am a member of the Taskforce team at my company, so I guess I have a lot of information about it. But in private this topic does not really affect me – I thought!

As we had to switch to a kind of shift model in our working mode, I was able to experience what the feeling is about to change shifts from early to late shift every week. What the heck! I honestly respect everyone doing this. But after working years and decades always quite early this change brought me to my personal crest.

In June my focus was mainly about surviving those late shifts and try to focus on my early weeks. I was able to work an a plan for my 2 months sabbatical come in from the mid of June to the mid of September. Really looking forward to this time. There are some big goals to tackle and I am motivated like hell to make this period of time count in a very special way for me and my future.

My passive income in June: 66,89 Euro!

As I already mentioned it is a bit less than in May. But there are good reasons for it, as especially Mintos and Robocash paid some overdue payments. Especially in case of Robocash I am very happy about it. Maybe you remember my blogpost about Robocash as my tiny little helper from the beginning of 2020. Right after it they had several problems to solve and the interest dropped to zero. Currently it seems like they are coming back on track as I receive some interest into my account again.

DoFinance, one my personal favourites seems to have a problem with getting new loans. Since about a month you are not able to invest your deposit into new loans. There is a small notice which says that there are currently no new loans available. As this period is already more than a month I just withdraw a small amount of my invest and will shift it to another P2P platform soon.

Mintos: 47,94 Euro passive income

Hm, I do not really know what to say about Mintos. It is still one of the biggest platforms. Their kind of communicating with their investors is still excellent in my eyes. In my last report about Mintos I shared a link to the AMA – Ask Me Anything with Martins Sulte – just take yourself some time and you will be updated.

Every week Mintos is sending a mail which is something like a summary for me. There are new blogpost, which mainly deal with their cooperations to loan originators. This makes it quite easy to follow, if you like. I think it is quite a good Mintos is doing while managing 60+ loan originators in their portfolio.

Honestly I have a short look to their blog every week and especially those AMAs I love to follow. Martins is quite a cool guy, who gives a lot of interesting insights. Therefore those videos are very intense to watch. I mean, if you watch Mintos from the outside it something seem to be a bit chaotic because of the mass of news they are publishing. But as an investor you receive a lot of information. That makes me quite sure, that I am doing the right thing with staying invested here.

DoFinance: 10,18 Euro

DoFinance seems somehow not really interested in their investors. I watched their latest webinar with Viesturs as I mentioned in my last report. But since then there is nothing new about DoFinance. On the mid of June they published a blogpost about the current situation of DoFinance. Here it says: “Hence, we are looking to resume our business, but will do it in a very controlled manner.” This is related to their activities in Indonesia.

Well, overall I am currently not really happy. I do understand that covid affects the worldwide economy somehow. And I am really calm about any changes. Just as for example Crowdestor changed their period of time concerning delayed loans to I think it was 90 days. That is fine! But not communicating or just saying less about the current situation is somehow poor. Sorry, DoFinance!

Maybe the last sentence from their blogpost gives a short sight, what they are currently dealing with: “DoFinance is undergoing licensing process that could last for a period of 6 or more months.” Seems like they are focusing on this process currently – which is okay. But this is just my kind of understanding.

Bulkestate: 0,00 Euro – and a problem

Usually I receive 0,45 Euro per month from one of my investments. Most of the investments pay the interest at the end of the investment period. But this was paying it monthly. For June there is not transaction of this interest.
I checked my account at Bulkestate, because for every investment they have something like a investors-information.

Here I found a notice from Baiba, that the investment is late to some problems. As every time today the issue is due to Covid. There have not been any problem so far with any of my loans at Bulkestate, so this is the very first one.

How to react? Well, just stay cool. Baiba mentioned that there are some regulation in Latvia due to the pandemic, which delays the possibility to take this loan to court. She talked about the beginning of September, where this step is planned to be made. But additionally she mentioned, that Bulkestate is in contact with the responsible person for the investment. He is trying to find a solution. So let’s just lean back and see, what will happen.

Robocash: 3,22 Euro in June

As I already mentioned earlier in this post Robocash seems to work on their performance and solving their issues. It is the next month where interest was credited to my account. And for July there are already interest streams. So I am quite happy at the moment, as things are start working again on this P2P platform.

I would not recommend investing here as the one and only platform, but why not have a try as an additional platform in the portfolio. Robocash decided to go a different way and moved their headquarter away from Latvia (to Croatia). This is not really what I feel is transparency, but as things start again, I will stay invested and see how they will perform.

Debitum Network: 2,82 Euro

For any reason the accrued payments of interest and late fees as always lower than what is paid to my account. I hope there will be a bigger payment somewhen in the future, as 2,82 related to 550 Euro is somewhere around 6% and not 10% what is published in my investors account at Debitum Network.

In May there was a bigger transaction of late payments. So let’s watch the things going on. Just like in my last report Debitum is running and running. There are no special impacts of anything. Covid was something which seems to not affect their loans in any way. And therefore I am quite happy with the performance so far. I am planning to make an additional investment here in August and increase my share of Debitum in my overall P2P portfolio.

Bondora Go & Grow: 1,43 Euro

In June I published a blogpost about my investment to Bondora Go & Grow. After leaving Bondora some time ago I re-entered my investors account. In the third quarter of 2020 I am doing my personal No-Spend-Challenge and try to fill up my investors account here.

The idea behind this challenge is to check my personal costs whether they have a meaning or not. Also I think I am quite good in my costs the first days of July where something like a wow-moment. So I am now trying to cut costs as soon as possible to bring this extra money to my Bondora account. My goal is to reach about 4.500 Euro by the end of this year. This equals about 25 Euro of passive income monthly.

If you want to get investor at Bondora, just use this link and grab a 5 Euro bonus for your account here!

Twino: The new one in July

Well, Twino is not really new in my portfolio. As this platform is quite experienced and my amount is currently quite small, I did not really mentioned it here. But I decided to also invest here again. Twino is quite experienced in P2P lending as they are publishing loans since 2009.

Inbetween my investors carrer I also turned down Twino (beside Bondora) as there was a period of no loans. Today there are again a lot of loans with an interesting yield. So I start investing again and will stay with it. I will publish a blogpost about my Twino experience the next weeks, so stay tuned.

Currently Twino offers a 20 Euro bonus for new investors. So if you are thinking about an investment, just grab your 20 Euro and investment a minimum of 100 Euro – that is a great deal, which I was not able to take ?

Brickstarter & BitOfProperty: 0,27 Euro

Those platforms are currently working with just very small amounts. But both are working. Especially BitOfProperty is quite cool with their platform. Also it is quite easy to use I hope that there will be some more projects in the near future. Currently the possibilities are quite small.

Brickstarter has a wider range of investment opportunities. Also the platform is quite slow in my eyes, the economic restart affects Brickstarter in a good way. Their apartments in Spain are again booked from tourists and interest will be paid to investors accounts.

I will increase my investment at both, Brickstarter and BitOfProperty. But let’s see what my experience will be during this summer during this special time this year.

51,7 km and 2.750 meters in height

By the end of June I made a very small step out of Germany. First I ran the first contest of this year and the german-czech boarder. And second I went to Kleinwalsertal in Austria the next weekend. It was great as we ran three tours from Friday to Sunday around the mountains. That felt some kind of “normal” and as we chosed tracks were it was not that easy to come to, we did not meet a lot of people.

This “normality” felt good in a time where politicians and the media are talking about a new wave of covid. I do not know what will happen, but I know that this weekend was great for me myself and my inner peace. I am really looking forward having more of there the next weeks during my sabbatical which will give the strength to tackle down my goals.

What are you doing during the summer time?

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    Theincomebeast says:

    Hey brother, I love the update and I appreciate the transparency. I hope to have something like this going on my own site before long. Keep up the great work, this is a really cool site and I will keep on reading since there is so much helpful and interesting information here.


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