GamePlan CW 7: The struggle is real :)

Good morning and welcome to another intersting week. After I wrote my last weeks GamePlan I went to the kitchen to make myself a coffee. First things first – you know 🙂 When I came back the screen from my laptop was pitchblack. So I inserted the plug and started it again.

He is a little bit older and needs some time to start, so I went again somewhere else. And when I returned the screen says “Operating system not found”. Fortunately I was saving all of my data from this computer already to a externel disk as well some cloudspace. Still this was the computer to make you videos and audios.

Please allow me two weeks of getting a new one and I will start doing the audio again. I might record the audio of course, but I will not be able to cut it. Therefore the quality would be awful and I decided to skip the audios of CW 6 and 7.

This is what drove my last week. I had to find a new laptop and was not able to finish my tasks. Therefore I had to readjust my plans a bit by those things, who I needed the laptop for. I was still able to execute in my sidebusiness from goal #1 and start the new project from #2, but I was not able to produce the audios. So these targets were just executed with 50%, also I used the time to write ways more than planned.

Goal #1 Get my IG account running again

There are a lot of excuses which I might add why I was not able to run my IG account – but still those are excuses. This week I want to change from a daily basis to a weekly feed-planning. I hope to save some time for myself as I am planning the whole week ahead on Monday and Tuesday.

There is no need to do it, but I want to try it another way. Maybe this will help me to improve my IG content and additionally save some time. If not, I still want to experience whether I am feeling more comfortable with planning a whole week at once – or not.

Goal #2 Try to work with a Power List

I have tried quite a lot of things to figure out my daily to dos. As there is my job, the kids and also my wife I just have pretty small slots during the day, where I am able to work on my stuff. Sometimes it is only 30 minutes. In the evening there are sometimes more up to two hours left for me. However, I often struggle to get my things done.

Last week I stumbled into another methode, which sounds pretty simple. It is a prett similar way what Lars tried to explain to me. But he loves to work with Trello, whereas I mainly hate working with those systems.

So here is the Power List principle from Andy Frisella: Write down 5 critical tasks for the day! “Critical” means those task have to pay in for your overall goals. Emptying the trash and wiping the floor does not count, but the rest is mainly up to you. For every day you were able to fulfill your task you write a big “W” on this page for win – or a “L” for loss. And now try to make more W’s per week than L’s.

And the most important things: It is written in a small booklet (and not somewhere online)! This makes it easy for me to find what the day was about and I can focus on this stuff as soon as I get out of my office.

Goal #3 Write 1.000 words per day

Nothing new but still due. As I did not made it last week to my overall of 14k words as planned, I have to improve here this week. But more than 1.000 words per day is critical for me as it takes me about 1.5 hours to write it. Therefore I will stay with those 1.000 words.

This point is not really fun, but I would like to publish my small book in February, whereas it is necessary. Remember the stuff about “Get used to be uncomfortable”? Also I mainly love writing this goal here takes me out of the comfortzone. Really.

The #1 thing that moved me last week

I had to think about that, as there were quite a lot of things who moved me the last week. It was mainly the laptop, which expired at a quite uncertain point of time. But hey, this thing was about 9 years old, so it is okay to disappear. And beside not working that smoothling I do not really care about it.

But I cared about the new one. I asked some friends of mine who I think know something about laptops. And with their help I was able to find two new ones, who I had to choose from. In the end this decision is mainly influenced by the price.

On friday evening I allowed myself two hours of research. Starting from the initial point of 999 EUR I found offers of 700 – 800 EUR. I checked them and were able to find coupons and cashbacks for another 90 EUR. In the end my new laptop costs me 610 EUR, which is still a lot of money.

Also the internet is called transparent you should always take your time to research and compare. Quite often is worth the time, as you can see in my example. The cheaper things get, the less you might safe. But especially for everything above 300 EUR I invest time to find the best offer for me.

The best investment of the week!

This point is easy that week: The new laptop! I have choosen one, where I am able to make audios and videos with to improve my performance on Youtube. But is this really an investment? In my eyes there costs and costs do never have the chance to be an investment. Probably I have to fold the laptop as investment here.

But I also invested money this week. Another 100 EUR went to Reinvest24! Including the already generated cashflow from last month I invested into a launched property in Moldova with a 13% interest payment. I am currently quite happy with this platform as I have the feeling that Reinvest knows what they are doing down there in Moldva, also this place sounds pretty exotic in comparison to other real estate lending platforms.

By the way: Reinvest24 offers a 1% cashback currently for new and existing investors who invest 500 EUR+ into their current projects. So if you were already willing to start this +1% cashback is a very nice addon to your overall interest. The offer expires on 22th of February!

That’s it for this week – take care and see you again next week!



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