GamePlan CW 21: Restart

My last GamePlan is from calender week 11, which is exactly 10 weeks ago. And it has also been my last blogpost here. Unfortunately!

I do not want to go deeper into the details. The last time I wrote about my GamePlan there was a pretty important idea for me: When were the best 6 months of your life? I answered it by mentioning the first half in 2018.

I want to have that feeling again…really!

Therefore I guess I have to go through some mud this week as I have to fix some things which I avoided the last 10 weeks.

Goal #1: Get my business running again

Currently there are some open orders. The goal is to get in touch with my clients and finish their orders. There are four tasks to do, from which three can be finished this week.

Goal #2: Taking care about my body & mind

Honestly, I ruined my body over the last weeks. Do you know this idea about “the healthly mind in a healthly body”? I cannot be in mine currently. And before making huge plans and goals again I have to fix this issue.

There is an idea about it. And there is a big goal for me: 1st of October running 100 miles at the Backyard Ultra. Currently my Transalpine plans are conquered by several things which I cannot really influence, wherefore I had to refocus.

The goal for the next week is to track my nutrition and find someone to coach me improving massively.

Goal #3: Work on my passive income-goal

Some weeks ago Lars published a blogpost about his followed principle of how to invest money making him another 100 EUR of passive income per month. Also I followed this idea more or less intentionally I never focussed on this outcome so far.

The goal of this week is to focus on three P2P platforms to make me another 50 EUR per month.

The #1 thing what moved me last week

I had a meeting with someone pretty important for me and I had to skip it. There is no way I want to use others time without giving something back. But I had nothing to give…

I guess it was one of my badest days – but it also made me think about what I was doing until then. And of course how to get out of it again.

The best investment of the week

Maybe reading the blogpost form Lars about the 100 EUR principle? I do not know. I cannot really rate it, but I guess the whole process of awakening again was the best investment for myself as I do not want to live in mediocrity.

It is so easy to avoid mediocrity. You just have to invest some more time, some more passion and some more money, to get a huge reward by a pretty low risk. I do not want to be average – also this is once again the point where I am starting.

So, that is it for this week. Wishing you all the best and let’s make this week count!

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