Game Plan For a New Week

Game Plan CW 26: Starting off into Q3

Here we are: It is the end of the second quartile of 2021 and the start of the next quartile. As you maybe know I am very into working in 90 days blocks. Ending the last one and thinking about the next one is always a very motivating thing.

It is not that I am always able to achieve anything I planned, but I see it as a chance to recover the last 90 days and to adjust if necessary. Therefore it is more like a “planned chance” to adjust my goals based on the experiences I made.

Review of my last week

It has been somehow usual. I am really trying to get myself rolling again, which honestly is a lot of work. It feels like moving a mountain as I have the feeling, that I got too comfortable and lazy. That is maybe a great thought, but the really important thing is to get my ass up again…. and to not let other things influence my life as I do not give them permsission.

Just like I mentioned last week to learn saying “no”  again.

Did that worked out for me? I do not know. Not saying I cannot rate it, as I really try to, but I do not know how often I should have said no. For me the most important thing is learning to start “no” to things which are stealing my time. And there some decisions last week I did it right. Should practice this more.

Goal #1: Focus on my business

Still working on the goal to start “blank” into the next quartile. Especially one task remains ways bigger than I thought. And that really sucks as it makes me somehow unsatisfied which is usually the point for me pushing this stuff forward to the next week without working on it. Therefore I will be focussing on not pushing it, but working on that task every day for about one hour.

Goal #2: Work on my physical health

On this weekend on 3rd of July there will be one of my favourite races in Austria up to the Stubai Glacier. As my physical health is okay, but not great I decided to just run the smaller track with 20k and 2000 vertical meters. Currently I am not really into training vertical meters, therefore this is a huge task for me. The goal is to finish, maybe somewhere between 4 and 5 hours.

Goal #3: Improve my skills

One of the best sources for SEO content is Brian from His stuff is amazing and he makes SEO very easy to understand. But within his sources is a lot of “hidden” stuff, which I want to work out for me. It is not copying his stuff (which of course would be okay), but to convert his knowledge into a scheme for myself.

I read a lot on his blog, but missed to make myself enough notes to create an own scheme.

The #1 thing that moved me last week

I really needed to think about this one. Not that obviously this week, but I guess it is the finding for myself, that working on a huge task for some minutes per day will make it count. Just like I mentioned I tend to skip things, when the task is too big (or got too big over the time). Working on them every day for e.g. 15 minutes will not make the big task disappear within one week, but the huge amount of work gets less.

Just like the quote: “How do you eat a whale? Bit by bit” this is something I should implement more in my daily life – with anything. I may expect to lose 10 kilograms within one week, but that is not possible. But losing 1 kilogram per week over the next 10 weeks will be possible. So why not do it that way? I should ask myself this question more often and focus on the mid-term, not just on short-term things.

The best investment of the week

This week it is the worst interest payment, as I finally worked on my emergency fund. There is an open amount since more than six months which I always skipped. Investing the money felt ways more “right” than saving it into my rainy days. But just last week we stumbled over some kind of chance, which I will not be able to grab fully when the rainy days are maxed out.

Do not get me wrong, but if I am able to grab a chance for me and my family I would use my rainy days fund as usually those “chances” are solving several (potential) issues at once. If you know you have to replace the fridge and the dish washer within the next six months, it might be a chance to replace all electric things in the kitchen at once. Do you understand?

And this is why I worked on that amount last week and “invested” money into my rainy days fund to assure I will be ready when the chances are coming along.

Have a good start into the new week and make it count!

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